Power 90 Day 5, Chicken Stirfry

This morning before work, I packed C's and the girls' lunches, which took some time, then headed to bed. So when I woke up this afternoon, I was dragging. I was determined not to skip my workout, but I was running out of time. The older girls get home on the bus at 3:20 and it was already after 2:30.  I HATE being walked in on during a workout - or watched by the kids. Then I remember both of them were going home with their boyfriends because of parties or volunteer stuff. So, I wouldn't be interrupted.  So, I relaxed, took my time and started the workout.  Today is strength training. I was 20 minutes into the workout, when Rhiannon and her best friend Moneesha came through the front door. There I was in my sports bra, shorts, hair a mess, and probably unshaved armpits, holding a resistance band over my head in the middle of a military press I think it was.. or one of those high ones. I paused it and went to my room. I was embarrassed. Not only for how I looked, but how the house looks. It's a freaking mess right now. So, it ruined my whole groove. Tonight, I am going to do the workout over again with Christopher since he's doing his after work. Since we only have one resistance band, I'm going to head to the store a little early and get some weights. That way we can do the strength training at the same time.

Tonight's dinner/my lunch is chicken stir fry from the power 90 booklet.  It's not really much of a recipe, just cook the chicken in a little oil, add the veggies and a little soy sauce and serve with brown rice. What struck me though is how much better stir fry is with fresh veggies.  I used to only use frozen veggies in my stirfry and it was not the greatest food to eat..  this was AMAZING! Fresh is best!