Power 90 Day One - FINALLY!!

Today is officially my first day on the 90 day program, Power 90.  

 I had Christopher take my new "Before" photos last night and we did our measurements following the instructional video on their site. It helped, since we never knew exactly where to measure before.

Today, I did my first workout.  It was a strength training one using the resistance band that came with it. It was hard, and I couldn't do the pushups.  I have to work on getting the form right, rather than doing them incorrectly. So, I'll try again in a few days and then keep trying til I have built up some more upper body strength.  The problem is where I have muscle loss due to my car accident when I was 19 and I never built it back up in the arm I almost lost.So, I am really looking forward to actually building muscle there - if it's possible anyway.  What muscle I did have at the time was shredded by the broken bone, so I'm not sure how that will work out.  Does it grow back? Not sure.

I had a chocolate protein shake with frozen bananas for breakfast. Then C and I went grocery shopping. I made a menu for breakfasts, lunches and dinners using the meal planner/recipe book that came with it.  This was a lot easier than it would have been since we did the 6-day fat burn program last week, and were used to the foods and how they're prepared.  It's just more of the same with some new foods added in and more yummy stuff. So our fridge is stuffed to the gills with lots of green stuff, berries, and veggies.

This week we're making our meals for the whole family, so the kids will now be eating what we eat as well.  No more making them meals full of carbs like pasta alfredo, or spaghetti or cream soups over egg noodles, etc. Things on the menu this week are meals such as vegetable curry, pita pizzas with chicken, and shrimp and veggies kebobs on the grill.

For a mid morning snack (which was around 4pm for me) I had low fat cottage cheese with blueberries and strawberries. It's better than it sounds LOL - well I never liked cottage cheese before.  Let the berries sit for a while and the cottage cheese takes on the flavor. Really good.

For dinner, Christopher grilled out.  We followed one of the dinner ideas in the book. 4 oz lean beef hamburgers with lettuce and tomatoes and home made baked french fries on the side. He added some seasoning and onions to the burgers.  And we had 100% whole wheat buns.  They were really good!

For an "afternoon" snack which I'll have around 9pm, I'll probably have baby carrots and hummus, or maybe raw peanuts.

For dinner which I have around midnight,  I will likely just have a salad with red wine vinaigrette.

I'm drinking tons of water now. I haven't had any chai tea (which I used to drink probably a gallon of a night) in over a week. When I want something warm to drink, I have a cup of chamomile tea. I do still put Splenda in it, but I have cut way back on how much I use. Mostly I just drink water though.

As of this morning, I'd lost 11 lbs! :) I don't even feel like I'm on a "diet".  It's more like a lifestyle change.  It's all great food, that just happens to be good for us. That rocks!

P.S.  I did mean to get photos of the food each night and post them all through the week, but it was so busy here today, that I got distracted and totally forgot. Will try to remember tomorrow!