This is totally working!

I'm on Day 4 of Power 90.  OMG am I sore!  Still.  I know it will ease off the more I do it, but man!  Those leg lifts are killer when you have thunder thighs LOL!

Here's what we've had for dinner the last couple nights.

Shrimp Kebobs with brown rice.  Thee were SO GOOD!  The smokiness of the grill on the veggies was amazing and the marinade YUM!

Vegetarian Curry with more brown rice. This one is also really good. Very filling. Good to have a meatless meal.

I kind of had a feeling my huge gut was a little less huge this morning, so I got out the measuring tape. I have lost 3 inches on my waist!!!  I'm guessing I was a little bloated from some water gain when we took the before measurements, but whatever the reason, it's AWESOME!  My jeans definitely fit better.  They had been getting so tight I had to unbutton them after dinner at work (good thing I work from home!)

Overall, even though I'm sore when I stand and walk, I feel stronger, more limber (in places that aren't in pain), and even standing up taller. The stretches really help with that.  I am going back to my hometown next Saturday to my nephew's graduation. I wonder if there'll be any noticeable change for the people I see there that haven't seen me for a couple weeks.

Hope you're all doing well!