I miss my old blogging days.

I sat here looking at the header image for this blog. The kitchen, when we first moved here, the kids, the house... things have changed a lot.  Things have also gotten a LOT more chaotic. I wish I was as obsessed about keeping my kitchen and living room (and the rest ) as clean as I used to.

My kitchen floor is usually several shades of gray to black... not kidding. The living room floor still never got finished and we moved furniture around so it's kind of really obvious where the flooring is missing.  I hate it and it's ugly like that... but where we do have flooring, it needs swept like 20 times a day. I ought to mop it twice a day with as nasty as it gets. 3 dogs and 2 cats and 3 kids plus neighbor kids have turned the house into a pigsty. I almost wish I had carpet again. If we lived somewhere I could keep the animals outside all the time, then we'd totally get carpet back. For now, we just get too many pee spots still :(  YUCK!

My kitchen table in my cute little "bistro" corner is constantly cluttered - even if I put a nice display of a centerpiece or something on it. I've about given up on the living room. The guinea pig food is never hidden.  There's now a LITTER BOX - UGH!  It was either that or find piles in that room randomly.  Still not sure what got into the stupid cats. But they're a force to be reckoned with.  The coffee table and dining table are always covered in something.  I haven't dusted in....a year? 
Well, ok I take that back... Rhiannon, Faelyn and I did tackle that room partially for spring cleaning. Even washed the windows and the curtains.  Dusted the ceiling fan... but I don't think we ever actually dusted the bookshelves or buffet and TV.  Those were going to be the next day and we just never got back to it.

My bedroom is likely in the best possible layout for it being a bedroom AND my office, but it feels SO cramped and cluttered.  I remember feeling so happy because it was a huge bedroom, and we'd never had a real master suite before... I just can't wait for it to be JUST that again.  Of course that would mean my teens were moved out, and I'm not looking forward to that. So, it will be a bittersweet thing.

So, hopefully with my new energy from working out and eating healthier, I can really get this house cleaned up and try harder to keep it clean.  I'm already considering changing the living room layout around - that will drive my husband crazy LOL!

Whatever I do, I'll try to remember to get pics on my phone and post them here.