I'm wearing sleeveless tops and skirts! What on earth!

I'm really not sure what has possessed me to finally get over any weird hangups I had about how I looked recently. I NEVER wore sleeveless tops or dresses in public, EVER. My arms have always been the size of other people's thighs (or bigger!) I also hated wearing skirts or dresses.  I loved how they looked and own a few really pretty skirts, but always felt like a waddling beached whale in them. During the past week, I have worn a tank top and matching skirt, TWICE.  (different outfits - I actually wore two skirts! They've been hanging in my closet forever!)

Since doing this Power 90 (see my new blog on it HERE), and seeing the changes and seeing the muscles I'm building... I don't feel FAT anymore.  Oh I am still overweight, very much so, still, but now I see myself as a healthy athletic woman underneath the blubber.  The FAT no longer identifies me... it's merely something I am in the process of getting rid of, nothing more. The real me is underneath it and starting to show through. It's not a number on a scale, it's a feeling that I finally feel comfortable in my own skin.

That's worth more than words can say.