My beloved Ragdoll/Siamese/Mutt cat, Pepper passed on this past Monday, August 26. He'd been showing his age for a while, but over the last week or so beforehand, he went downhill pretty fast. Sunday, I gave him a plate of tuna, and he wouldn't touch it.  That's when I knew it wouldn't be long. I held him and cuddled him and petted his bony body, and he purred and snuggled against me like normal. Later he asked to go outside, and he laid on the porch in the sun the rest of the day. The next morning, I found him in his favorite spot in the yard, already gone.  We buried him under the tree where he'd always sit and stare at the birds in the feeders.

First year we moved here. He loved those bird feeders. 

I miss his incessant MEOWs when we make dinner. I miss the way he could catch a mouse faster than you could see with the human eye. I miss the way he'd walk right up me to curl up on my shoulder. I miss the way he'd sit on my lap while I worked and lay his paws over my arm so he jostled and jiggled every time I'd move my hand to type. He was just always there. He'd roam a bit during the day or night sometimes, but never far.  Anytime I wondered where he was, I could go out on the back porch and holler for him and I'd hear his answering "MEOW". He was so beautiful and loving. It just won't be the same around here without him.

 Pepper claimed his spot on the bed as soon as we moved in.

He was king of his castle.

 He loved to wedge himself behind my shoulders and on top of Porchie in his box.

 He was so great for cuddling, he could just be draped across your shoulders. Corina liked playing games with him helping.

Love you Pepper.  Miss you buddy.