Trading Beds

Rhiannon, my 17 yr old high school senior who has her own room, finally talked me into changing her bed for Faelyn's.  Rhiannon had my old antique full size bed that sat up really high (which was good since we store our Christmas stuff under it (no matter which room it's in). She has the smaller of the two kids' bedrooms since she's the only one in it, but was tired of the huge bed taking up so much space in the small room. Faelyn and Zoe had matching Twin beds which actually once joined to make bunk beds, but I think we lost the connector pieces along the way.  Anyway, Faelyn agreed to the switch.

I measured, but apparently not very well, because when we finally got stuff moved around and put the headboard and footboard in place in the new cubby area of  Faelyn's room, it actually was a little too small.  About 2 inches. This meant we had to then move Zoe's bed to the other wall and move her dresser over and take out her old toy drawers.  Zoe's "half" of the room has always been much larger than Faelyn's half, but Faelyn was okay with it.  She likes small spaces she says.  There is a makeshift curtain of twin sheets on a rope that splits the room in "half", so Faelyn has some privacy.

After a lot of trash pick up and laundry collecting from all the girls finding stuff when they moved their bed (especially Zoe, OMG!), we finally got all the furniture into the rooms it was supposed to be in, everything put back together and beds made. The girls spent the evening working on their "new" rooms, while I've spend it doing the dishes (I refuse to get behind on all the things I've gotten ahead on and made into a habit), and I've been washing their cruddy dusty clothes that were behind and under their beds. I am SO glad I was all caught up on laundry when we decided to do this.

I have already wiped down the plastic drawers from Zoe's room, and found a place for them. I'd been meaning to get rid of some clutter in my laundry room for a while, and this was the perfect catalyst.  Once the clutter was gone and I moved the broom and mop holder, I had the perfect space for the drawers in the laundry room. Now I can store everyone's seasonal clothes there! It even has a flat top on it, so I can use that to put folded towels and linens before taking them to the linen closet or bathrooms. I didn't really have a place for those before now, so I love that. I'll do a new post on my laundry room and system soon.

So now Rhiannon has a twin bed and a LOT more floor space, and moved her desk and dresser around so now she looks out her window when sitting at her desk. The room looks lighter, airier and bigger.
Faelyn has a much bigger bed but about the same floor space, since we moved the dividing curtain over into Zoe's half of the room a little more. Now her desk faces her window as well.  Her fish tank is next to her bed on her nightstand. She still has her filing cabinets and shelves full of her STUFF.  Her bed looks so nice in there too. Nicely made and covered in pillows.  She looks happily asleep on it at the moment, with her head at the foot of the bed lol.
Zoe has less floor space, but a lot less stuff to take up room. I'm going to try to help her organize her dresser drawers and maybe get rid of some of her clothes she's close to outgrowing anyway. I'm also going to look into finding a way for her to hang her jeans and stuff on a bar over her dresser. The closet is on Faelyn's side of the room and it's stuffed full of Faelyn's clothes already.

Meanwhile, my living room is a disaster area. Thankfully I *know* it's only temporary.  I've had my house "clean" for 2 weeks now, and I am not letting it backslide. The couch is covered in Christmas stuff, so that'll all go under Faelyn's new bed tomorrow. The bags and boxes of giveaway stuff will go to the uTurn For Christ Thrift store tomorrow (they are closed Mondays but have a big covered drop box). That leaves misc stuff no one wanted to put back in their rooms. So I need to look through it all and see if anything needs saved or toss it all. It all looks pretty overwhelming, but knowing that it all has a place to go or soon will be dealt with makes it much easier to deal with.  Not stressing. That's pretty awesome.

Sorry I didn't think to take before pics at all, and I don't have any "after" pics of the bedrooms yet.  I do however have some of the kitchen and living room after all this chaos.

 Looking into Laundry room from the back door entry area. No mountain of clothes on the floor! The baskets have the kids' clothes for them to fold. Each basket is labeled with a kid's name.

The baskets of laundry to be washed.  This was what was behind and under beds. as of this blogging, that's all been sorted and started washing. I should have it all done by the time I go to bed.

Then we move into the kitchen.  This is the kitchen table with some of the give away toys.

Looking into the kitchen, see my mostly clear counters and no dishes? yay!
The floors are filthy, I know.  I'm getting there.

Here's the really bad part of the kitchen... I really hope C takes most of this to work tomorrow and throws it in the dumpster behind his store. >_>

I am glad all that garbage and junk is out of their rooms though.

So, then moving to the living room..
This side remains uncluttered.  I am shocked. 

Then we start to see it.

I guess it's not really as bad as I first thought heh. All that on the couch is the Christmas stuff.

Here's looking back at the couch and kitchen.  I don't know if I ever showed y'all my couch before. We got the sectional with the last tax refund. Got a super great deal on it, so I was really happy. It's perfect.

The hallway is still cluttered..

I'll try to remember to get pics of the rooms tomorrow as we work to get them the way they want them. Maybe I can talk them all into getting rid of more clutter (after I buy more trash bags!)

I'll surely be done with getting the kitchen and living room back in order too.

See y'all soon!