$100 Grocery Budget

Y'all I did it!   I have been trying so hard to get our money issues dealt with, and a big part of that obviously is a budget.  The thing with a budget is not just making it for STICKING TO IT.

This month, we really have to catch up on a couple things, so I had to cut back where I could, and that meant groceries.  So, while the meals in the menu below are not the healthiest meals, they're cheap and feed a lot of people usually, and that's what matters for now. We'll get back to eating healthy when we can afford to.

I didn't really count up the prices of things as I put them in the cart, I just simply got only the things on my list with only 3 exceptions. 

1. I found a bottle of the floor cleaner that I used to have that worked and didn't make the floors sticky. For $2.49 I decided it was worth it. The vinegar and water is great for windows and counters, but it's just not working on my kitchen floor. 

2.Second thing was my daughter pointed out she found a can of the flying insect killer we used to have that we knew actually killed the fruit flies that continually infest our house. Seriously there has not been a day since we moved in and brought food into the house that there's not been at least a couple of fruit flies.  Usually there's like 50-100.  It's insane and it's driving me insane. I HATE FLIES! Seriously regular Hot Shot or Raid flying insect killer does NOT phase them.  My husband didn't believe me and he took it and sprayed them, and they just flew away. He watched for a while too.  Nothing happened.  None died, they just moved around.  BUT this new stuff I got, the Hot Shot Kitchen safe stuff. OMG, it works!  They were practically covering the wall above the trashcan so I sprayed there and BOOM floor covered in dead fruit flies. Like INSTANTLY. So, yeah I went on to spray the whole freaking house. There's still a few, but they will die too. SO glad we found a can of this stuff (I'd totally forgotten which kind it was so couldn't just order from Amazon or something - until we saw it in person and was like THAT'S IT!).   

3.Ok, then the 3rd exception to the grocery list... well it's a bit of a splurge, but it made some smiles so that's what counts today. :)  They had bottle of chocolate milk marked down to 69 cents each and there were 3 of them, so I got all 3. One for me, one for Zoe and one for Faelyn.  I even got HUGS from the girls! I didn't get Rhi one, as she got herself ice cream with her own money :P

So, sticking to the list and making smart choices on those things, plus the 3 exceptions, my two grocery store stops came to a grand total of $99.78!  Including tax! So just the list stuff would have even been lower if I hadn't gotten the exceptions.  How awesome is that!

I should be back soon to catch up on this week's Flylady weekly zone missions. It's been a busy week, and since I do my missions usually on my breaks at work, it's hard to do the Master bedroom stuff when Christopher is asleep. So, I'm going to try to knock them all out today.  I'm hopefully going to also tackle the master bathroom (as best I can considering what I have to work with), and I'll try to get a bunch of pics.

Have a great weekend!