I mopped my kitchen floor!

I totally should have taken before and during pictures, but again I didn't even think of it. You didn't really want to see those though.

My floor was gross. Really.

What I did was put floor cleaner mixed with some water in a spray bottle and sprayed down the whole floor, sections at a time, so I didn't get too overwhelmed. Meanwhile, I filled my electric kettle and turned it on. When the water reached a boil, I took the kettle and poured it gingerly on the floor, making sure to splash more where the grossest looking spots were.

Then I grabbed my plain old Swiffer and put an old ratty washcloth on it (I keep them in a bucket on the utility shelves.) Then I scrubbed the floor well with the swiffer not worrying about making it pretty, just scrubbing the whole floor where I'd sprayed and put the hot water.

Then, I grabbed an old ratty bath towel and starting along the edges, I used my feet to move the towel around to dry up the water and wipe the floor clean.  It was unreal how great the floor looked just from this.

Then I moved on to another section and repeated the method, and just kept going, switching out washcloth and towels as needed. It dried pretty quick after going over it with a towel.

When it was completely dry, I got a fresh clean washcloth on the Swiffer and squeezed some storebrand Mop & Shine stuff on it and spread it out, then let that dry while I watched a marathon on HGTV of House Hunters - Where Are They Now. It did get a little shinier, but not really glossy, and that's okay. I think it'll make it harder for dirt to stick to it between moppings.

those 2 little spots are a cigarette burn from before we moved in and a tiny tear in the vinyl.

Already today as I've made dinner and chopped veggies etc, I've been more aware of anything dropping onto the floor and picked it up immediately. I have seen some dog hair starting to turn into little dust bunnies with minds of their own.. but I will sweep again really well tonight after people have all gone to bed, so they won't be traipsing through, and bringing more dirt and dust with them.

Oh!  I also cleaned off my microwave. Took everything off it, sprayed it with Greased Lightning. I put all the stray teabags into one bigger container. An old Tupperware celery keeper in that green I love. I scrubbed down the microwave, then go the side of it and the side of the fridge then the door and decided to do inside of the microwave too.  I took the plate thing and roller out and scrubbed them til they were shiny. I set a cup of water in the microwave and set it for a minute to steam the inside, then wiped it all down. Then I put things back in a more organized way and did a final wipe down. It looks brand new.

I had Faelyn sweep after I did that cleaning since some stuff got on the floor. She swept the living room too.

Looking forward to getting more tasks done tomorrow. I think it's definitely time to take out the onion and potato bins from the pantry and dump them and give them a good scrubbing. I'll probably end up doing the whole pantry. But really, it needs it.