Modifying Flylady's Missions again

Today I tackled one of the things that's on my list of projects I need to do.  I haven't posted the list yet, but I will soon.

Monday's Flylady mission was to declutter the top of your dresser in your master bedroom. Well my dresser has nothing on it but a massive TV.  So, I decided it was time to do the top of the bookshelf that used to hold a ton of games (I have moved the games to the living room), which still has a lot of books and just clutter.  It's also Christopher's "Launch Pad" area.

Here's some before shots:

Again this mission was only to do the top shelf, but it really did need help. I found papers Christopher had brought home from work months ago. Every day he brings home notes about the employees he has that shift, and once a week is his schedule paper.  They all get tossed here. 

There was a stuffed animal from Faelyn, a ball of yarn???, probably a dollar's worth of pennies, and all sorts of stuff.

Now, it looks like this:

Definitely an improvement.  Doesn't have to be perfect, just do something. I did move a few things down a shelf because it's nearly 6am and I'm ready for bed.  When I tackle the rest of the shelves I'll be more awake and can just put everything in new homes then.  The ball of yarn will either go to Rhiannon for crafts, or to the giveaway box. I am definitely going to move that wall shelf above everything, onto the wall over my desk chair.  It holds all sorts of sentimental and collectible stuff, so I want it in my "office space". It'll make the wall with the bookshelf look like a more open space, and that's the idea here. Less stuff, more open space.

 This is kind of funny...
In that basket, I found a plastic grocery bag with black shoe polish and a shoe polish sponge.  So when I cleaned out the basket and was putting only a few things back into it, I set up the polish.  Christopher got up a few minutes after I finished it, and he polished his dress shoes! I never even said a word - all it took was him being able to see it. He even put them back when he was done. Yay!

So, that was it for now. Tuesday's mission is to clear off my nightstand. It's not too bad, but needs a little help. I'll try to remember to get pics too!