Put up the new hooks in the hallway

These were the old hooks.  They were too short to put both ends into a stud, so we couldn't really hang anything heavy on them, like backpacks.

Oh and here's what the hallway looked like after I got it cleaned up.  Sorry there was no before pic, but imagine that you could barely see the other end of the hallway and you had to squeeze past a large piece of furniture, and there was junk left in boxes and tubs from a project I started in the Spring...

I HATE the flooring in there.  Those are super cheap peel and stick tiles I got at Family Dollar just to have something to cover the gross bare plywood that had pet stains on it. I didn't even bother finishing the side where I had to cut the tiles in half and stick them down.  The old carpet tacking stuff is still there in the corner and by the time I'd put down the other tiles, I was just DONE.  I did it quickly because we heard my husband's father and step mother were coming down for Corina's wedding last year and were staying with us.  When I found out they weren't I just never did the rest of the floor.  Eventually, it will have the same vinyl wood planks the living room has.

So, anyway, I measured the studs and drilled holes in the new hooks thingy and finally found some screws long enough to go through the wood, then drywall and into the studs.

See?  Aren't they ugly? I'll paint them eventually, but they're okay for now.  At least the curtains in the girls' doorway are red too. They'll get an actual door eventually.

This clock used to be right across the door to the main bathroom.  I thought it might help the girls to be able to see what time it was while brushing their teeth, etc.  But it's kind of hard to read down a dark hallway and the battery died.  So I replaced the battery and moved it nearer the mirror (mainly to cover a hole in the wall caused by the old hooks).  Not great, but whatever.

Looking back the other way.  See the tub of giveaway stuff on the couch.  It's in the back of the van now.

And while I was standing in the bathroom doorway to take that other photo, I decided to get one of the blue cabinet in the halfway done bathroom.  Where the wall is just white will be  white bead board, so I think it'll look great with the cabinet. It's gonna be a beachy shabby chic kind of room, so that works well. 

Well, that's it.  The kids commented all day on how great it is to have so much space in the hallway.  I hate that I've made them have to deal with that all summer. All better now at least.

I think I'm going to also do a post on just my list of projects that need to be done.  Mainly it's things like the hallway - places that need serious decluttering. I'll try to remember to take before pics next time!