Weekly Home Blessing

Many of you know I have been a follower of Flylady for years.  In fact I first went to her website and signed up for the free emails when I was pregnant with Zoe.  She just turned 11.

One of the things Flylady does that I've just never ever done is the Weekly Home Blessing.  I don't know whynot.  I just never got around to it or something.  Made excuses I guess. But today I did it!

My husband had today and tomorrow off work, and one of the girl's boyfriend was over as well. They were playing games when I woke up and got ready for my day. I didn't let the fact that the house was full of people deter me.  I opened my home binder to the Home section and got to work. 

I used the timer on my phone and set it for 10 minutes and started dusting.  I tackled the cobwebs in all the main rooms with a broom first.  Then I went through with a duster wand thingie and got all the frames and wall art and then started on the buffet the TV sits on and the bookshelf when the timer went off.

Then I reset it and headed for my room with the vacuum. Unfortunately, that did not work out so well. We can't figure out why, but the light keeps coming on and the brush stops moving as soon as I turn it on.  Like it starts, then stops immediately. Usually it only does that if I vacuum up a shoelace or something. We cleaned  it out, went way past the timer on this job too, and cut hair and twine off the roller and it still wouldn't work.  So no real vacuuming got done. :(

Next was sweep and quick mop though, so I did get some floor cleaned up. I got the living room and kitchen swept and then mopped both using a spray bottle of floor cleaner mixed with water and my regular swiffer with an old washcloth on it.  I just swept and mopped around everyone sitting at the dining table.

Then it was purge paperwork. I decided not to get too involved in this one yet, since I have to really tackle these bills on Bill Paying Day.  But I did go through random receipts, college postcards and other stuff laying around.  There wasn't much since I've been keeping up with keeping things neat.  So that was nice and it was done way before the timer went off. So, I reset it and headed to Mirrors and the backdoor windows!

I only had a little windex stuff left, so I took it and a Flylady Purple rag and did the mirror over the sideboard by the entryway, then did the main bathroom mirror, then back to the master bathroom mirror and finally to the backdoor which has 6 little window panes. When I was done, I still had over 6 minutes, so I took the duster and went outside and did the other wide of the backdoor windows.  The duster was for the spider web all over them. I still had 3 minutes left, so I did the window next to the backdoor.  I even took down the storm window and did both sides of it!

Then came Change All Sheets!   Thankfully, it was a holiday so all the kids were home.  I hollered at everyone to strip their beds and bring me their sheets. The linen cabinet is in the hallway by their rooms now, and since laundry is caught up, they had new clean sheets to go back on their beds.  Also, since I was caught up on laundry. I was able to open the washer and throw all the sheets in and wash them all together without waiting on something in the washer or dryer to get done first, or having to rewash something in the washer that had soured. Both appliances were empty, and there were no piles of clothes anywhere.  That felt awesome.

Then came scoop and replace litter in litter boxes. This one I actually didn't do.  Pepper's main litter box is already gone.  That leaves one in the living room, and I need to get it out of there and clean really well where it is.  But it'll likely smell, and since we had company and people sitting right there, I decided I'd do it another day.  Porchie doesn't use a litter box, he asks to go out.  So there is no use for a litter box inside at all now.  That'll be nice.  Porchie does have accidents sometimes (well they're totally on purpose)  when he doesn't want to go out or no one's here to let him out,  but he'll go BESIDE a litter box before actually using one.  It's definitely a pet peeve of mine, but he's been pretty good about asking lately.  I just have to watch for him.

Then the last task in my WHB list is empty all the trashcans. So, I bagged up the one by my desk.  There was still room in the bag for more trash, and I actually ended up emptying both bathroom cans into it and left their trash bags in the cans. The kitchen can needed emptying as well. Then I replaced the trash bags in my office and the kitchen, and set the trash out back to get hauled off tomorrow by my husband.

So I got all that done in around an hour or so. Most of it I won't have to do again until next Monday.

Today, I also decided to get on board with the Daily Missions in the Flight Plan email. Today's mission was to clean off the front porch and entry area. So, I swept off the porch and steps and even the walkway, which was covered in old dead grass from when the lawn was mowed. I noticed some missing slats on the side of the railing on the porch and asked my husband to replace those when he mowed the yard again this afternoon. I didn't check to see if he did though. If not, he can do it tomorrow.

I think tomorrow's mission is to do inside in the entry area.  So, I am going to clear off the sideboard by the front door and clean it well and Pledge it, then put out some Fall decorations I found in the closet.

Then I've got some food prep to do! We're having our Labor Day cookout tomorrow (if this rain goes away) and we're making it Family Dinner Night (FDN). My Mother In law is coming over, and who knows who else will show up.  I hope we have enough food!  We got a big rack of spare ribs that were on sale $1.97/lb and we'll grill some hot dogs too. I'm making two big bowls of potato salad, some cole slaw, and baked beans. Thankfully the stores had some big markdowns on stuff, so we didn't spend a fortune on the food. Which is excellent!  Hmm maybe I'll make deviled eggs too.  Hubby hates them, but my kids inhale them.

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend (if there was one where you are!)

Thanks for stopping by and reading my boring blog! lol
Til next time,