31 Days of Doing Something - Day 6 - Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches

Tonight's post is a bit late, but I'm finally getting posted! 

I got this idea from Exploring Domesticity.  And I think I found her site through one of the 31 day blogs I was reading. I'm not sure. It's been a few very busy days since I first saw it.

She shows how to make breakfast sandwiches like those frozen Jimmy Dean ones.  My kids and my husband have been kind of whining for easy non-cereal breakfast foods, so I figured I'd try this out.

I didn't think to get pics of the whole process, and mine didn't turn out nearly as pretty as the other blog's did.

I first lined a big baking sheet with foil and poured a whole carton of egg substitute onto it and added garlic power and Italian seasoning. Then baked it in the 350 oven for about 15 minutes. When they were done, I took them out and let it cool a little, then used a cup and cut circles out of them.  That left some weird shaped corner pieces, but they don't care what they look like on the sandwiches. I was able to cut out  12 round eggs and had enough of the leftover to do 3 more. So, that was 15 eggs, and I needed 20 to have 1 sandwich for each of the 3 kids and Christopher each day Monday - Friday. So, I fried up 5 more eggs individually.  I ended up marking those as RE for Real Egg, so Christopher knows not to eat those.

Anyway, when the eggs were done baking, I did the sausage.  I ended up doing two batches to get all 20 cooked.  10 minutes on each side. I didn't bother putting them under the broiler to brown.  They came out pretty crispy looking. I liked the idea of baking them.  They didn't lose their size as much as they do when I fry them. I could have bough pre-cooked ones, but they were super expensive. I got 30 uncooked sausage patties for $7.49, and with 20 minutes of bake time, they're done.

Then I tore off squares of foil and set out the bread.  These are thin sliced bagel things.  They're like super thin.  They're always in the discount bread section at Sav Mor, so I grabbed a couple bags.  I also got a bag of plain real bagels that had also been marked down.

These pictured have the individual fried eggs.  I forgot to get pics of the first ones I did.  The cheese is from sliced cheese, torn into quarters.  Each sandwich only gets one quarter of a slice.
 Then then sausage gets put on top. They look puny on those big bagel things, but that's okay.

Then they just get wrapped up.

This one has a couple of the regular bagel ones as well. They're quite a bit bigger. 

Then they just get put into a re-purposed bread bag and stuck in the freezer.  I kept 4 out in the fridge for them to have in the morning. They should be easier and quicker to microwave if they're not actually frozen.  I just need to remember to take out 4 of them each night when I make and pack their lunches.

Thanks again to Kristin at Exploring Domesticity for posting this on her blog originally.  Great idea!