31 Days of Doing Something - Days 4 and 5.

Wow what a weekend! I've been so busy, I've barely been near my computer at all!

While I didn't actually do this on Friday, I am counting it for Friday since I did just recently do this thing,  and Friday was so packed, I didn't have time to do anything anyway. It was Homecoming at the high school, and Christopher and I actually got to go together (we made room in the budget for it!) , and then afterwards, was the rounding up of the teenagers.  But finally we got everyone home, and then stayed up most of the night watching movies.

Anyway, my substitute Day 4 task:
I had my Easter stuff packed in a Rubbermaid tote with the lid duct taped on and shoved under our back porch. I did this in 2012.   I even wondered why I couldn't find any Easter stuff this past Easter. Well, I just found it again and thought how stupid I was to even put it out there! If it got knocked over by a dog and the lid came off, it would all be ruined.  So, I brought it in, transferred it to a basket and sat it in the master bedroom floor... for a week.  Finally I transferred it all to a smaller tote and put it in the top of my closet.  Now it's safe and I can find it next Spring. Sorry no pics. Everyone has totes of Easter stuff anyway.

So, for Day 5, Saturday, I'm going to submit that I did not just go to the grocery store without a plan or a list.  I could have!  I was running low on time!  But I stopped and sat down and wrote out a quick menu and shopping list.  I only had time to hit one store since we were invited to a birthday dinner at the last moment. I stuck to the list and watched the time, and got home with enough time to get the trunk unloaded, set the girls to putting it away and get freshened up to head to Fatz for dinner to celebrate the birthday of one of our dear friends with his whole family.  Thankfully, I had made a big pot of chili earlier in the day, so the kids and all their friends who were hanging out could eat that.

Also, going on in the middle of the day between me making the chili and me going grocery shopping, was a Teen Chopped competition which Rhiannon and Faelyn were both in competing against each other.  I've got a bunch of pics and some videos.  I'll make a new post just about it.

My Day 6 post is coming up too, and I'm excited about it!  Stay Tuned!

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