A trip to Boone, NC

Since we had the rental car for the weekend, and we hadn't been able to get out of town as a family in a long time, AND I was off work, since I took time off for my anniversary... we decided to go for it and take a Sunday drive.  One of my husband's co workers had recommended driving to Boone NC to see the leaves since they're so beautiful in the High Country. There are two scenic ways to get there from here, so I decided to take one there and the other back.

I wish I'd gotten more photos along the way, but these are pretty nice to have...

I snapped these at the gas station where we stopped after we got through Banner Elk.  They were having the Wooly Worm festival and the place was packed.  It was nice to see part of the town though as we drove through.  It's a ski resort town and looks really cool.

Finally, we got to Boone. We went to a store Christopher had been wanting to visit first, then just drove around. Following a sign that said To Downtown, I was not disappointed. It was like an old Main Street area, but had a resort town feel.  It reminded me a lot of Gatlinburg.

There was a fantastic store called Mast General Store that had all sorts of stuff.  Huge bins of candy, collectibles, souvenirs, and lots of hiking stuff.

Since it was Sunday, stores closed early, so we headed back. We took the way back that went by Watauga Lake. 

You can barely see the lake in these, but this was the scenic overlook we stopped at.  There were some great spots farther down to get shots of the lake, but we were tired and wanted to just head on home.

Don't I look stylish?  LOL.  I wanted to be comfy. 

That is my Si from Duck Dynasty t shirt! LOL
I wish we'd had more time and more money to spend on the trip.  The girls want to go back to banner Elk when there's snow on the ground.  We'll see. Hopefully we'll get the Explorer fixed for good with the tax refund, and we'll have wings again!  So to speak.