Faelyn's First Apple Pie

While I had planned on blogging every day in October, I'm afraid life happens, and I have just been too busy.  I haven't exactly been organizing or decluttering either. Each weekend, we've had our teenagers' friends over.  One of which has a pretty rough home life, so I am glad to open my home to him as much as I can. So I think if real life is getting in the way of blogging, then that's how it should be.

So, anyway now, on to this post!

This past weekend, Faelyn really wanted to bake a pie.  She's never really liked cooking or baking before, but the Teen Chopped competition kind of changed that for her. Also, her boyfriend wants to be a chef, so he kind of encourages her (though it may just be a sneaky way of saying "go make me a sammich" lol.)

She had made the fried apples for the Teen Chopped and felt like they'd make a great pie filling. She didn't really follow any other pie recipe.  She just followed the directions for the pie crust and then added her home made pie filling after making that. It turned out pretty darn good too!

 The crust edges got a little dark, so she just cut them off LOL

It got finished off pretty quick too with all the teenagers here. I got some ice cream to go with it too. She was so proud of it, and I am very proud of her.

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