Inspiration for an unused area of my kitchen

 My breakfast "nook" area in my kitchen looks like I want it to,...

 Found these pics on my blog.  This was taken last year I think.
... but people just never seem to sit at it to eat or do homework or anything.  Not even just sit and drink a cup of coffee. I use the table itself all the time as an extra counter top.  Everyone's just too used to sitting at the big dining/gaming table in the living room I guess. But I've wanted to make it more inviting to sit at the little table.  The problem is if the table is pulled out too far, it makes it hard to get past it and the Hoosier cabinet.

So, it's just kind of inconvenient and uncomfortable to sit at. I even got those adorable chair cushions for it, but they slid around so much, the ties ripped off.  I need to get some of those so-slip grip stuff that comes in rolls like Contact Paper.

Well, I was just browsing blogs and came across this post and loved the lounging area of her kitchen.

Then it occurred to me that I could kind of do something like that in my space.  I want to keep the kitchen table, but I could put a bench with a back on it and cushions against the wall. I could pull the table away from the wall a little bit at least. And it's easy to move anyway.  If anyone wanted to sit on the cozy bench, they could push the table out.

I could move the china cabinet on the right (not visible in this pic), and just push it toward the living room side a little more. That would give more room to the breakfast nook area too.

So I went to the den of addiction that is Pinterest and found a few more ideas...

I LOVE THIS! (Click the photos to go to the pages I found them on Pinterest)

I don't have a curved window wall, but I do have a window on that wall.  I could extend the bench over under the bench if I put in one that's not got a back to it.

This doesn't looks like it's too hard of a project really. I could even put the white bead board on the front side of it. There's not a vent over there like there is in this photo. There is a wall socket though, but I could run an extension cord out the side of the box if necessary.

My God I LOVE this one!

 That won't work in my space, but I just love how it looks. That is totally my style.

This was originally the idea I had in mind (just on a smaller scale):

I like the idea of a piece of comfy furniture in the space.  But I think I really just don't have that much room really. I think the built in window seat is a better idea. I think it would be cheaper too.

But then again...

This sort of thing would be so much easier! And quicker.  I guess it depends on what I can find at a second hand furniture store when I have money for something like that.  Won't be for months yet anyway.  Just fun to dream and get inspired!

I could totally nap here!

I really think the built-in idea is winning out.  I have always wanted a window seat, and my kitchen window has such a great view of the woods and wild flowers in the field. Plus I need more storage!

Okay, I have to get off Pinterest or I'll still be there next week!

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Take care y'all!