Living room and kitchen, currently

Recently, I visited an old friend at his home, and was surprised to see he had the exact same couch as we do! He has the matching ottoman, but I like our Ethan Allen coffee table we got from my husband's mother.  I was taking pics of ours to send to him to show him, since he's not been to our home in a while.  So I thought I'd post a few of the pics on the blog.

The couch is where the animals love to hang out all day. 

 I just realized I need to clean out the bottom shelf of the coffee table and put another quilt under there for chilly nights to come.

Can you believe I took photos during the day? Most of mine are taken at night due to my work schedule, so my blog seems dark and depressing lol.  I've considered taking the wood flooring tiles into the kitchen, but I like how light the white vinyl makes the room.

 I just love how light and open the kitchen is now. Hard to tell here, but that's a burlap sack I use as a kitchen table runner with some fall decorations and baskets of apples.

Then back into the dark living room. I love the wall color. but it's seriously dark, especially with the walnut furniture.

 This looks a little lighter. You can see under the table where we STILL haven't finished the floor tiles.  Ugh.  Maybe next year. My dining/gaming table has a simple fall decor with the runner, the candle holder and the wooden and wrought iron basket of trivets. Oh and the woven circle place mats in brown. I love those. Got them at a thrift store. I have since added two pumpkin salt and pepper shakers to the middle of the table. I don't wants lots of stuff on the table, since we clear it all off to play games on it.

That corner display on the shelf I put on top of the guinea pig's cage has been changed a few times recently, since I had put it all on the computer table instead.  But then I decided the girls need their computer in the living room.  They don't like using it though since it's not as good as mine or their Dad's computers. Hopefully they'll get an upgrade soon too.  But I need to move the wooden wall plaques from India back to the wall over the monitor.

And then we're back around to the couch. We love games, and have tons of them.  They were stored all over the house and I was tired of trying to figure out what to play without seeing it all.  So I collected the ones I could find that were in good shape and stacked them all under the TV buffet. The basket holds smaller games like cribbage, Quiddler, Boggle, etc. The games also hide the fact that the flooring isn't done under the buffet either. Someday!

So, there we have it, my living room, and a view of the kitchen as it is right now. It's cozy and comfy, and when I have the pumpkin spice candle lit, it's just heavenly.  I'm heading in there now, to curl up with my quilt and a cup of tea to watch this week's Ghost Hunters in the dark by myself. It's my weekly Thursday night thing. Even better in October!!

Goodnight y'all, hope you're having an awesome Fall!