Some of the 31 Days of Decluttering and Organizing Blogs I Found

I am posting this for y'all to see some of the other blogs I am following this month, and also for my own reference to find them later.

If I find more after I post this, I'll just add them here.  If you know of one I missed, leave me a comment and I'll add it!  Click on the images to open the page in a new tab.

Catalina At Home, At Work, At Play

Organizing Made Fun

From Overwhelmed to Organized

My Art Full Life

Fruity Lemonade

Found more!
Ducks in a Row

It's Over Flowing

Paintbrush and Screwdriver 

Realistically Domestic

And this one seems to be the Mother load and started it all:
The Nester
At The Nester's site, you can find a mind boggling number of blogs doing 31 Days posts. So, go check it out and have fun!

Hopefully, I'll actually get something done after work that I can post about!  ...  if I can ever stop reading other people's blogs.  >_> 

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