Teen Chopped 2013 (with photos and video)

As I mentioned before, my two teenagers participated in the local First Annual Teen Chopped Cook-Off for Rural Resources this past weekend. My husband, Christopher, was the Team Captain for Faelyn's team, Food Commander.

There are a lot of photos and I might add some video, so I'll try to keep them smaller.

Food Commander team got a basket with chicken, sweet potatoes, banana peppers, apples and rosemary.

Video of the teams coming out of the pantry with stuff after the start signal sounded.

Telling the judges about the menu..

They decided to make green beans with rosemary, and fried the chicken then grilled it. They put the banana peppers in the sauce for the chicken.

They also wanted to do grilled corn on the cob. OMG it was so good.

corn and chicken legs on the grill

 They made mashed sweet potatoes with marshmallows and fried cinnamon apples.

Rhiannon was on the team called Debbie's Minions, named after the director of the Rural Resources program that they've been in since they were little. It's been a huge part of their lives.  Their basket had pork, sweet potatoes, banana peppers, apples and rosemary.

Most of their food was cooked on the grill in foil packets, but Rhiannon did the pork in the skillets.

There were two other teams as well...

 One was making a bacon and potato side and wraps with the other ingredients (they had chicken and white potatoes plus the other ingredients).

Then this team was making ratatouille.  They had white potatoes and pork plus the rest.

They were battling for some great prizes.  First place was a set of chef's knives...

They had an hour and a half to get the food plated, then it was kind of a mad house the last 5 minutes...

I think Food Commander's plates looked pretty great.

Here are the teams with their plates:

They did have 4 people plus a captain, but they were elsewhere when I took this.

Then judging started..

One was a nutritionist, one was an active member of the church where the cook off was held, and the other two were graduates of the Rural Resources program.

Then the rest of us got little plates from everyone.

Then the winners were announced!

Fourth Place went to The Final 4

Third Place was Food Commander  Awwwwww

Second Place was Debbie's Minions!

So First Place went to The Fantastic 4

They made the ratatouille with a marinara sauce and pork.  Their pork was seriously amazing.

They also won the People's Choice Award from the votes from the non judges.

Congrats to the winners and all who participated. It was a lot of fun to watch, and it all smelled so great!  And the food was all amazing!

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