Halloween post, finally

I do not have a really good excuse for not posting in a while, except I have gotten addicted to Person of Interest tv show and have been watching it from the first episode. It's so good!  Anyway, that's taken all my spare time after work when I usually blog.

But I do want to show y'all my awesome kids all dressed up for Halloween. 

 We had like a $10 budget for Halloween including candy and any costume or makeup stuff. I got a set of devil horns and tail, bunny ears and a tail, some zombie makeup and some 50 cent Halloween bags for trick or treating.

Actually, when I got home from shopping for that stuff last minute (had to wait on my paycheck), the girls were already making home made costumes and using regular makeup or body paint they had from other cosplay events.

I think they did a great job!  Faelyn's boyfriend Austin decided he wanted the bunny costume LOL.

L-R: Chris (Rhiannon's boyfriend),  Rhiannon, Zoe, Austin (Faelyn's boyfriend), Faelyn. 
 Chris and Rhi went as anime and cartoon characters.

 Zoe was a wolf,

Austin was the big bunny, and Faelyn was a zombie.

Rhi and Chris went off together to hang out with friends.  I took the rest of them trick or treating and met up with some friends who have little foster kids for the first Halloween, so my kids helped their little kids walk from house to house while we drove slowly along the streets. Everyone had a great time and lots of candy was gotten.

Hope y'all had a great Halloween!