So what's new at My Chaotic Home?

Just wanted to play a little catch up on the blog.

Things are really super tight here with money because we're trying not to get behind with the house payment again and risk losing the house of course, plus we have these loan payments we have due to a very very bad decision this past summer. The payments are killing us, and I wish I could take back the bad decision, but what's done is done, and we just have to get past it and not make the mistake again.

Anyway, due to the money issues and us pinching every penny, we actually didn't have money for a proper Thanksgiving dinner this year.  Since we both have to work that day, we decided to just not have one this year.  The teens would be having dinner with their boyfriends, and I figured Zoe could get an invite to someone in the neighborhood if she really wanted.  But a friend of mine from work sent me money specifically for Thanksgiving dinner.  She's a wonderful person, and it's going to mean so much to my family.  We're having it on Tuesday due to the work schedules. I've asked my oldest daughter, Corina, to come help cook it since I work nights.  It's hard to be conscious in the daytime. Christopher is off work tomorrow, so we're finishing the shopping early, then will get the prep work done and I'll make the big dessert. Faelyn said we have to have my "famous" Pig Eaten Cake.

We also have another friend and neighbor who's been letting us borrow her car since ours is dying (almost dead really). It's blown a head gasket and is too far gone to be fixed. Need a new motor. So, without her help with that, I couldn't even make it across town to the grocery store we use (the cheap one, Save A Lot), or get my kids to and from practices all over town. She's also giving me an old microwave she just replaced.  I'm putting it in my office with my mini fridge. :) So, I am very thankful for her!

Rhiannon made East Tennessee Vocal Association's All-East Women's Choir this year.  She made it last year too, but it was in Chattanooga so I couldn't attend.  But this year our town hosted it, so I got to go. They were amazing.  Truly the best of the best in East Tennessee. We couldn't afford to get her one of the t shirts, but her boyfriend got her one, so I was really happy about that.  It has her name on the back in the list of participants. Now, she's automatically able to audition for All State I believe.  She made alternate last year, and I really hope she makes All State this year. I also hope we're out from under all these loan payments, so I can attend it if she makes it.  I think it's in Nashville.

I redid my office area once again, but this time it was to give my husband his own space. He used it the first day, but not since then. The kids have used it as a craft area a couple of times though. Also, it's the new cat's favorite spot, other than my lap.  I also added some of the old memorabilia I had as a teenager in 1988.  Those time capsule boxes I opened had so much great stuff in them, I wanted to put some up on the walls. Including a vintage 1984 poster of Indiana Jones from the Temple of Doom, which is from an old Sci Fi magazine. Yummy. ;)

You can't see it well, but in front of my desk (which is now turned to the side) is a black table.  That's where Christopher can set his laptop.  I think he's annoyed that there's not a quick and easy place to plug his in. I'm working on that.

I gave up on making my bedroom and office like something from HGTV or these fancy blogs I follow.  We're geeks, and we like to be comfortable, and we live in our house. It's not a show room. I still struggle to keep the living room and kitchen cleaned up, but I'm still outnumbered by teenagers.

There is also something else we're dealing with right now that I'm keeping private.  I'd appreciate any prayer and good vibes though!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving if I'm not back on here before then!

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