Feeling a little more festive, Thanksgiving photos.

I've been working weird hours and a lot of over time, so I've not really had time to get the Christmas decorations out yet.  I've not packed up Fall stuff yet either.  I have however, decorated the blog! It makes me smile when I look at it. :)

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We had ours on Tuesday since Christopher and I both worked long hours on Thursday.  C's mom was in Florida, but we had Corina and her husband Tyler, as well as Faelyn's boyfriend, Austin.  We invited Rhiannon's boyfriend, Chris as well, but he had to work. She went with him and his family to Atlanta, Wed - Sun to celebrate with them. So, I'm glad we were able to have an early dinner with everyone.

Corina took a couple of pics with her phone.

 I love how she managed to get both guys with their mouths stuffed with food LOL!

So, yeah I'm feeling good about things over all.  The money issue is not nearly as bad as it has been recently. There is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel, and we're actually seeing us being debt free soon. Everything seems to be coming to a head all at once.  Like everything we owe gets paid off at almost the same time, then BOOM, less debt!  Of course, we still have some medical bills we have to catch up on (that aren't currently getting paid on - something had to go in the budget, to keep the other bills paid.) But they aren't too terrible, and should get paid off early-ish in the next year.

Then we can put some good sized chunks of money in the bank each month, as well as make Rhiannon's last summer at home (and her Graduation) a really nice one (well, compared to how we've had to live the last several months). Should be able to get her a nice graduation gift, as well as get season passes for everyone to Dollywood, as well as finally get the car fixed so we can leave town! So, we'll have a summer filled with roller coasters, water slides and also as many trips to the lake and pool as we can fit in as well. It won't be a big fancy trip like her wealthy friends will be going on, I'm sure, but we might get to go visit my sister in law on Long Island, and spend some time in The City.

Rhiannon still wants to go to Columbia School of Engineering in NYC, but it's weird.. she's not as gung-ho on filling out applications yet.  I mean, I know it costs money to apply to Columbia, but she's not even asked for the money or tried to get odd jobs to make the money herself. We did tour Maryville College here in Tennessee, and Faelyn fell in love with it.  She's decided that's where she wants to go to get her Biology degree before going on to JU to get her Masters (she hopes). Maryville College has a partnership with JU, as well as summer scuba diving trips, so she's excited.  She wants to be a marine biologist, though I think she really wants to go into marine conservation, which Maryville College can really help with. So, that's exciting. As for Rhiannon, well who knows.  Think she's getting cold feet.

There are a couple other things going on around here we have decided to keep private, but if you feel like it, I'd appreciate any prayers you may want to include us in. Hopefully, it will all be okay.

Thanks for stopping by!