A January Catchup.

I seem to be blogging once a month now, that's not very good is it? Hopefully I'll stop sucking at blogging soon.

This past month has been pretty okay. That's actually really good considering I used to dread Januarys. For three years in a row, on almost the exact same date in January, horrible horrible things happened to our family. Finally, this year, that date came and went, and I didn't even notice it! *knock on wood*

We're doing better as far as money goes, thankfully. We'd be doing better if the car didn't just die on us, but hopefully it'll be fixed soon.  I decided not to get the Explorer fixed with the majority of the tax refund.  It's smarter to instead pay off the loans that have the high interest rate and biggest payments. Give us some more breathing room at the end of the month. 

Let's see, what else... oh!  I have recently been obsessed with bath stuff, like creating a home spa type thing, pamper time .. all that jazz.  Our local Big Lots has a ton of pretty nice stuff that's super cheap.  One brand I saw was going for like $20 a bottle for some products on Amazon, Big Lots has for $2.50 a bottle. Also, have you been to Bath and Body Works lately?!? OMG I LOVE when they change their packaging!  They put all the old packaging stuff on clearance!  same scents they still carry, just new lids on the bottles, and instead of like $12 a bottle, they're $3!!  So, yeah I have this cute plastic basket thing sitting on the ledge of my garden tub full of like 5 scents of B&BW shower gel, and a big pump bottle of fancy body wash, face wash, a mud mask, foot scrubber/pumice thing, bath salts, and I got new bottles of my favorite Tresemme shampoo and conditioner. OH OH!!  ALSO... B&BW had candles on sale 2 for 25!  I got a new London Calling candle and also a Rio candle.  I kind of wish I'd gotten the Tokyo one instead since it's floral.  The Rio one is too similar to London Calling when they're lit.  But it's okay.  I put Rio on the ledge of my tub, and London Calling is on the kitchen/living room area.  It smells SO GOOD! It's a "tea and lemon" scent.  YUMMY!

So, yeah my bathroom has turned into like this spa now haha, and Christopher seems pretty happy with it.  He got a new White Citrus for men 2-in-1 which he loves.  He loves bubble baths too LOL. 
Rhiannon has her own basket of bath stuff so she can keep hers separate from mine.  I was so sick of everyone's different bottles of shower gel and shampoo cluttering up the sides of the tub. Christopher's body was/shampoo, face wash and scrubby are all in his own basket. It's convenient cause the bottles don't fall over and into the tub.  So, anyway Rhiannon likes to bring her basket and use our tub instead of the one in the main bathroom right next door to her room. She says she doesn't like their bathroom.

The main bathroom is at the top of my list of things I wish I could just go out and buy the stuff I need and finish the dang project.  I need to get the beadboard, trim, white paint for the vanity, some wood and shelf brackets to install wall shelves since I got rid of that over-the-toiler shelf thing.  That was horrible to try to keep clean. I also am trying to find just the right shower curtain.  I'm doing the bathroom in a beach theme, in light blue and white, and I want the shower curtain to be like a beach scene like with a palm tree or something, you know? I am also hoping to find or build a table/cabinet type thing to hide the little box, but still provide easy enough access for the cat.  If he doesn't like it or doesn't feel like it's easy to use, he'll just go on the floor. Such a diva. So, I can't just get one of those covered cat boxes.  He won't go in those. Anyway, this table will hide the box, but also give a flat surface next to the tub to sit a drink, book, bath basket, whatever.  It's really just a matter of me saving the money just for this project, and then just getting it done. I know some day soon, I'll wake up in the mood to get it done.  THEN!!!  Then Rhiannon and the other girls will love being in that bathroom, and they won't invade mine anymore! 

My bathroom actually needs to be gutted, but that's a HUGE job, and I'd like to hold off til 2015 if possible.  This year is already full with Rhiannon's senior prom, her high school graduation, getting our car/cars fixed, new computer for Rhi, and then her starting college in the fall.

Rhiannon got her acceptance letter yesterday to Maryville College! That college was one of her first picks from way back, and although she dreamed of Columbia and Vanderbilt, she's finally decided Maryville is a much better fit for her. It's about 1 hour and 45 minutes from here, so not too far away, but not too close either. Her boyfriend won't be here in town, as he's heading off to boot camp as soon as school's out, and then he'll be stationed in ... TX maybe?  I forget. But he won't be here, anyway, so she won't have him to come home to on weekends, but also, she might not have anyone keeping her there on weekends, so maybe she'll actually come home to see US! Probably just to do her laundry, but that's okay.

When she does head off to college, we'll be moving the kids around in the bedrooms. Right now Rhi has the smaller of the 2 girls' rooms.  Faelyn and Zoe share the other one. Zoe will be moving to the smaller room, and Faelyn will have the big one to herself, unless Rhi comes home on weekends, and during the summer.  Then the two of them will room together.  Since Rhi will have a room mate at college, she'll be used to living with someone else anyway, and they've become much closer as they've gotten older.  I think it'll be good for them.  Besides, Faelyn has also said she wants to go to Maryville College since they have an excellent program for her desired field, so in a couple years, they'll both be down there together! I'm really happy about that.

Well, I doubt anyone's read this far, but if you did, HI THERE!  Thanks for reading my blog!

I'm off to take a nap before work, cause my sleep schedule is all messed up this weekend. My family is not big of football (though I am), but HAPPY SUPERBOWL SUNDAY to you all, whether you watch it or not.  I'll have it on while I'm at work. Enjoy the day, whether you're screaming at the screen and throwing popcorn and buffalo wings or spending the day at the mall.. or just sleeping, whatever! 

Hopefully I'll be back here before the first week of March!