Did I tick off someone upstairs?

Hey y'all!  It's been a while, but I'm back today! For now anyway. 

I'm still pretty sure gluten is an issue for me, but just a slight sensitivity. If I have any sort of burger or sandwich at a fast food place I get really bad stomach pains (which I'm used to), but if I choose salads or chili or a baked potato, I'm fine.  At home, I still have some gluten stuff now and then like a brownie or cupcake if I need a chocolate fix and that's all we have, but I'm good with gluten free cereal and no bread at dinner etc. I think as long as I just have a little now and then, I'm okay.  I can live with it.

Our new-to-us clunker car decided to die in the middle of the road the other day. Turns out it was the fuel pump.  I had to get a new one and had Tyler, my son in law replace it for me.

While I had a rental car for the weekend that the car was out of commission, we got word that my brother and sister in law were in a car accident, and she was killed. They'd been married 42 years, and were the best of friends.  He's had it really hard recently anyway, so now this is just going to make things harder on him. The receiving of friends, funeral and graveside service were some of the hardest things I'd ever been a part of.  He's just shattered.

As for other things that have happened recently, if you follow me on facebook, you may have already read about these, but I am actually going to cut and paste what I said on FB and maybe add a little here. of course, compared to what my brother is going through, these things are trivial, but there sure were a lot of them...

Actually I wish they were made up...

Thursday Night - fearing for our lives:
This is what the "Texas Hooker" storm looked like as it was bearing down on where we live..  We are in Greeneville on the right hand side of the pic. Thankfully though by the time it got here, it was just rain.  A tornado would not have surprised me at all though...

Friday - lost an expensive phone before I even got to use it:
This day was going so well...and I am an idiot. So I took Christopher back to work from his lunch break. I got some stuff we needed for the house, then went home to haul off the trash. I loaded the trunk, then went through the house emptying the cans to put those bags in the back seat. That's when I noticed Corina had left her Lumia phone on my desk for Dad since she got a new one. I was so excited since we'd been waiting to get this phone for a while, and his phone is really crappy. This is where my ADD kicked in... For some reason I decided to take the phone with me to the dump. I have no idea why. It's not even registered with a phone number yet or anything. I needed to sit down and call Verizon and have his number switched from Virgin mobile to the new phone and set up his new account etc... The last thing I remember is turning it on and seeing it say "Welcome to your Windows Phone". After going to the dump and cleaning out the floorboard of the car which was basically a trashcan since Christopher eats lunch in the car most days as he listens to his Audible books, I now cannot find the new phone. I went back to the dump, had the guy help me and got a hook and looked to see if it was in there. The bag I had put the floor board trash in had ripped and was empty. But the phone was not there. Went home got the kids as soon as they got off the bus and went back and had them get in there with the guy's permission and they looked all over the dumpster where the ripped bag had been and all around. They swear it's not in there. I guess I made the mistake of thinking to myself that it was such a good day. I thought we'd have a whole day where nothing went wrong. I need to just stop expecting the unrealistic.

Last Night - someone tried breaking into our house!:
We just had a frightening experience and Zoe is a hero! I was at work on my computer in my room, and she comes in and asks if I "saw that". Turns out, a man was on the back porch which is right next to our kitchen window which was open (no screen), and he was leaning over the porch rail with one hand on the window sill. Obviously trying to get in. Zoe was in the kitchen and turned around and saw him, and thankfully had a knife in her hand. He saw her, and ran! I called the police, and locked the doors and closed the windows. She gave a description to the cop, and they looked all over the back yard. Hopefully he's long gone and not hiding out in an empty house nearby. It was obvious there were people home, TV was on etc, and he was still trying to get in. Probably high. Scary.

Today backed up plumbing and garbage drama:
Now we have a plumbing issue and I can't even get the auger snake thing I bought more than a foot down the drain. Apparently I got one much more heavy duty than was necessary and of course they can't be returned. If my son in law, Tyler Jacob Ballew can't get it to work, I may just sit down and cry. Every day I wake up, and wonder what in the world is going to happen to us that day.
Due to the cars being out of commission and us not having a city trash can, the garbage on the back porch was about to rival the barricade in Les Mis. That was made even better by the dogs and raccoons decorating the whole porch and yard with it... Yeah so having the cops having to walk around that and see it all last night, I decided I'd had enough. garbage is *SUPPOSED* to be the job of another certain adult in this household, but I am tired of waiting for things to get done or him delegating the worst of it to the kids... so I tackled it myself. I lost count at the number of bags, and omg it was horrible... but I got the trunk and back seat of the old clunker Dodge loaded up and headed to the dump. I knew the girls would be home soon and could help me get the rest of it done, so i wanted to get a load dumped first. This was at 3:10pm. The dump has posted hours at the gate on a very official looking sign. Monday close at 6pm. So, I was a little shocked to see the guy locking up the gate when I got there. I was not alone however. I think there were like 5 other cars in line to get in there. So, ya know, I decide to give the old guy the benefit of the doubt, maybe he needed to go get food or something... who knows. So, I went home, got the girls on to doing their chores, and went to get Christopher from work, so he could help unload it all. Went back to the dump after 4pm and it was all locked up and no sign of life. Another truck was also there wondering wtf was going on. So, I drove back to Lowes bought some industrial strength trash bags and came home and got back to work. The porch is all done. I called and ordered a city trash can and my wallet is crying at me for it. And there's another big pile of trash bags ready to go to the dump if it ever opens again. If something tears into them tonight, I'm buying an f'ing gun.

Currently, I am barely speaking to my husband. we'll be fine, but I have the right to be really ticked off for a long time. It just really sucks having to do ALL the adult stuff here. The only thing he really does is school related things, like parent meetings.  That's good, cause I hate those, but really?  Dump some trash, take care of the cars, make some calls, mow some grass ... is it REALLY too much to ask? 

 I still have to see if I can get the clog or whatever it is fixed in our plumbing.  It might not even be our plumbing, the next door neighbors had Roto Rooter out today, so maybe they have the same problem and it's a city sewer thing? I asked my husband to go next door and ask them, but he wouldn't... go figure. 

I'll try to keep updated here, but I can't promise anything.  You're free to friend me on Facebook if you want to see the drama unfold in real time LOL.  https://www.facebook.com/pattycampbell

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