I'm gonna jinx this but...

Today has been a good day!

Well... okay so it did start out with some messed up stuff.  Christopher went to work at 5:45am.  He got the older girls up, and set the alarm for 7am for me to get Zoe up since her bus comes later. I was so dog tired that I slept through the alarm.  You know when a noise becomes PART of the dream?  That's what happened.  I remember dreaming and wondering why my alarm clock was going off in the middle of whatever adventures I was living in my dream, and turned it off. Later around 10:30, the dogs woke me up to go out, and I decided to get the crock pot going.  As I was chopping onions to go with the roast, I realized one of the sets of lunches I had sitting on the counter was still there. Two of the girls hadn't brought me lunch bags to pack after school, so I just piled the stuff for the lunches to pack themselves. I actually thought to myself that Rhiannon probably had some hissy fit that she had to do any sort of manual labor like packing her own lunch bag.  It wasn't until after I'd started the crock pot and went back to my room that I realized something was a little off. The lightbulb over my head finally managed to light up a little and I headed to Zoe's room.  There she was, sound asleep on her bed. SIGH.  So, she gets a free day out of school, and I am buying her her own alarm clock this afternoon. It's bad enough we have to wake up a 16 and 17 yr old, but this crap stops now.  I am training Zoe who is 11 to wake up when a dang alarm clock goes off. I NEED sleep for crying out loud.

I don't think I actually got back to sleep after that, though I did lay there wishing I could go back to sleep.  I seem to only be able to sleep if I am dead exhausted, so getting woken up after 3-4 hours is the worst thing to happen. Finally Christopher came home for lunch at 12:30 and I just got up and got dressed. I was determined to dump the rest of that trash today.  He said he did dump what was in the backseat this morning in the store dumpster, so that helped. I was able to get the rest of what was in the yard into the back of the car except for a few bags which were able to go into the new city trashcan they delivered while I was outside. After going through the house and bagging up all the overflowing cans, that big can is about full already.  It can probably take another couple bags.  So thankfully they pick up garbage on Thursday.

While Christopher was here, I gave him the name and number of the doctor that i think he needs to start seeing.  A friend of mine and I both think he needs to see about getting on some meds for depression.  I am fairly certain he agrees.  I waited, and he never called while he was here, so when I dropped him off, I asked when he was going to call.  he said when he got a chance.  I called him on his bullshit because he had all sorts of chances on his lunchbreak.  he just shrugged and went back to work. So, knowing he'd never actually make the call, I did it myself when I got home. Thankfully they have an appt open in March, and are sending the new patient paperwork to fill out ahead of time. I'm really tired of being his mom, so maybe this will end up helping. Our marriage may seriously need this to work. When I called to let him know he had an appt and to get that day off work, he thanked me and said meekly.. "I would have made the call.... well... eventually." I said, yeah whatever, I know you better than that.  But, anyway now that's done.

With the garbage hauled off (they were open today yay!), I decided to come home and relax a little. I sat on my back porch which was kind of clean though still slightly aromatic in a clean faded lawn chair and watched the dogs play in the warm sun.  It's supposed to snow tonight, so I'm grateful to get to soak up some sun and warmth while I can.

Then I got busy on laundry that's now piled up again. I am still the only one who does any laundry at all in this house.  They ALL know how to do laundry. But they also don't care if they wear dirty clothes or don't have clean towels for showers, and definitely don't care if the laundry room is overflowing and hampers block the back entryway.  I have it down to all 3 sorters full and one hamper still in the entryway... oh and I still have a huge bag of sweaters my mother in law gave us to go through. The girls picked out like maybe 4 or 5 and the rest were left on the couch for 4 days.  I finally got someone to rebag them and now the bag is sitting there. They smell like old people and need a very good washing.  Then I guess I'll donate them to the charity thrift store. They are all handmade, but they're like from the 70s and 80s. *shudders*

Let's see, I also got dishes going again.  There were quite a few that had been on the back porch for whatever reason, and I'm trying to salvage them, so they're soaking in hot soapy water and then will go through the dishwasher a couple times. The rest of the dishes are mainly caught up, thankfully.

I paid for Rhiannon's College deposit last night. I'm still not taking it well that my kids are this old and will soon be leaving home. Not to mention how much this is going to cost her in student loans. I wish she'd gotten more local small scholarships, but she didn't really try for them. Ah well.

Well, now I need to go get Christopher from work in 20 minutes, and I'm already wishing I could take a nap.  I won't get time for one though. *YAWN*  y'all have a good day! Whatever your "good" is. (I hope it's better than mine!)