Too tired to cook

Don't you hate when that happens?  I had ingredients to make several different meals for dinner.  I'd made out a menu last week, and bought what was needed.  But there I was looking at the fridge and freezer and wondering WTF was I thinking when I made that menu.  The only things left that we hadn't made this week were
1. Roast in the crockpot, mashed potatoes and green beans
2. Stuffed Cabbage, rice and corn
3. 16 stuffed peppers

The roast was frozen in the deep freezer, and I had ZERO desire to cut tops off of, blanch and make stuffing for 16 stuffed peppers.  Like less than zero even.  Same for stuffed cabbage. They are actually two of my all time favorite meals... but I didn't want to make them.  I wanted to go back to sleep.  I couldn't do that however, since I had to go to work at 6:45.  So what did we have for dinner?  Chinese takeout. SIGH.  That $30 could have bought a lot of groceries, I know.  But I think it was damn well worth it for being able to have someone bring me delicious food I didn't have to cook.

Today, I am going to make my kids make dinner >_>

In other news, my oldest daughter gave me a taser, so I can feel more protected in case some drug addict maniac tried to break into my house again.