A bit of a reprieve.

Christopher finally got off work after being there over 13 hours today.  He said the store didn't pass the inspection, and he was yelled at for 3 hours straight.  He has until Friday to get certain areas perfect and send photos as proof, or he's got to find a new job.  It is people like her that make me wish I was part of some mafia family or something...  >_>

While my husband pisses me off on a regular basis, I get very protective of my family, and hate the thought of anyone yelling at him for 3 hours and then threatening him like that.  She's a complete bitch and to be honest, I hope all sorts of horrible things happen to her.  I may be a Christian, and I want to just pray for her, but I am also human and I want her to suffer. Sorry, just being truthful.  I'm too big of a coward to ever do anything, but if he were to actually lose his job, I'd love to go up to her slap the holy shit out of her.  Even if it got me a night in jail. I am just so pissed off.

So, anyway, he no longer has Friday off, which we promised would be the FINISH THE BATHROOM OR ELSE DAY.  We swore we wouldn't schedule anything else that day.  Well, now he has to go in early and work until the sections are perfect and send the photos to the Evil Queen.

That is also the day Dollywood has the special sneak peek for season pass holders.  The passes were part of Rhiannon's graduation gift we got with the tax refund.  We've not gone since Faelyn was in the stroller, except one time some friends took us all. She's 16 now.  I told her I was sorry we couldn't afford the chorus trip to NYC or a new car etc, but we'd try to make her last summer before college one the most memorable.  I hope to go to the lake at least 2-3 times a month if not a lot more, plus I got a gold pass for Dollywood so we can park for free and get 10% off meals etc.  SO anyway I was hoping to get the bathroom done early, so he and I could go to the sneak peek just the two of us on Friday... but not now. :( 

So, about that bathroom.  I did get the corners evened out and I think the measurements are good now to be able to cut the board, but it's very cumbersome to handle alone.  I decided to wait til the teens got home so I could have them help move it and hold it, but they got home late due to meetings and tutoring.  So, I also decided I could go ahead and work on replacing the sink.  I cleared off the counter and got everything ready, then found that the water hoses going to the sink did not have shut off valves. So, I'd have to shut off the water to the whole house, and I'm not 100% sure how to do that in this house.  In the old one, I did it all the time cause plumbing was a weekly issue there.  So, I figured I'd wait for Chris to get home and then do it.  But he didn't even get home til after I started work.  So, basically another day with next to nothing done.  Tomorrow, I simply have to bit the bullet and set up the saw horses and get it done, and figure out how to turn off the water.  It can't be that hard, and it's probably on youtube.

I'll try to remember to take pics!

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