A long day.

Christopher had to be at work at 6am.  Rhiannon had to be at the elementary school across town to work at the science fair at 8:40am. Between those things, Faelyn and Zoe had to be woken up and gotten onto the bus. Later, Rhiannon had to be picked up at 2:45. Christopher had to be picked up at 3:00 and to the Dr office by 3:15 to fill out paperwork for his appt at 3:45. Then we had to get home and make dinner and Rhi had a date.

We have one working vehicle, and I had gotten to bed around 4:30am.  I was so not a happy camper at 5:30 when the alarm went off. I made Rhi get Faelyn and Zoe up, so I could get some more sleep.  Faelyn missed the bus, so I had to take her to the high school after taking Rhi to the other school.  I was dawg tired, but I did it all and made it home and collapsed into a deep sleep. Next thing I knew the 2:00pm alarm was going off.   Rhiannon was late getting out so I was late getting Christopher from work, but it was okay because we sat in the waiting room FOREVER.  Then we sat in the exam room forever.  It was after 4:30 when the Dr finally came in.

Even though we have the high deductible health insurance this year, Christopher feels he needs to have hernia surgery. So, it's been scheduled for the end of May.  We can always cancel if we need to. I know it's going to cost so much, and the deductible is $2500 plus our share of the rest of it.  We will never ever be out of debt.  The surgeon didn't seem to think it was bad enough to consider it an emergency.  He was even talking about a few years later.  But with Christopher's job being iffy in the future (not just with his DM, but with the store possibly closing), I guess this is the best time to accrue new debt while we might make the money to pay it off.

Speaking of new debt.  The college here in town that Rhiannon considered for a while and did apply to and won a $19k scholarship called.  The lady said if finances were still going to be an issue if she chose Tusculum College, then we could think about her commuting.  That would save her $8k a year (which now that I think about it, is how her sister was able to afford to go).  It would mean putting all extra money toward getting our explorer running or getting another car before then so she could drive herself to school each day.  It's not ideal.  I think she needs to live on campus, so we'll see.

So, anyway, when we got back to the house, I just wanted to veg out. We sat and watched this week's episode of Teen Wolf (super sad btw!) and made chili. Then it was time to clock into work.

If I'd been thinking straight, I would have had Christopher go turn off the water so I could get the sink changed out or set up the plywood and get it cut at least. Ah well.  He's supposed to be off tomorrow, but he's going in to work anyway due to his DM needing proof that he did as he was told. So, tomorrow night we'll get it finished.  I hope!