I want to be on a warm beach under a palm tree

I am so done with this weather.  we had a couple nice days, then ICE.  ugh.  Of course it's not nearly as bad here as it is father west and north, so I am grateful for that at least.  My facebook cover and my rotating desktop wallpapers are all beach scenes now. Think Beach Thoughts!

Our plumbing is still having issues.  Did I tell y'all about that?  I can't remember.  Anyway when you flush a toilet, it gurgles in a tub.  Not always the same bathroom either.  I have no idea what's up with that, but there was one time when it was REALLY bad...  I don't want to think about it.  Anyway, we also discovered you DO NOT FLUSH while a tub is draining from a bath. Seriously, the toilet overflowed onto the floor and went into the heating vent before anyone noticed?! Thankfully I slept though this and my husband and kids explained the situation later. UGH.  I bought two different size augers, but neither one is working.  I guess we just don't know what we're doing because the reviews for them both were good.  The bigger one did have people say it was hard to use, so I got the smaller one which even grandmas said they could use...  but nope not us!  I dunno, is mobile home plumbing different? Probably.  Well, it's a live-with-it-for-now thing, cause I cannot afford a plumber. Nope.

I asked my sister in law about the grandparents' trust having money for Rhiannon for college, and there actually is, so she sent that yesterday.  That'll cover what I paid for her deposit and then  some, and she still gets enough to get a laptop.  They're also sending money for Corina since it was never sent back when Corina was going to college.  I guess the Alzheimers had already done it's toll by then, so they didn't send it themselves. Anyway, I knew her money was coming, and I was going to tell her and hope she made good choices with the money.. but then a friend of mine who has a special needs child who has to have a full time nurse with him said she'd love to hire Corina if she was a CNA, since she's so good with her child.  So, I got to thinking that would be an excellent career for her.  I researched the local community college for it, and found they have a class, 2 nights a week from 4-9pm for 12 weeks. It's $899 and covers the class, textbook, and the fee to take the test to get the license. The next class starts in June.  So I emailed her and said if I can make the money happen, would she do it? She was so excited about it, and I was so proud that she'd finally be getting ahead and have something to get a really good paying job so they could find a better home and maybe even pay for her husband to go to technical school to her his mechanics license.  But then my sister in law called Corina and told her about the money.  So, Corina has already spent the money in her head and thinks I was going to pay for the class out of my own pocket.  I can't even believe she didn't immediately realize the money from her grandparents was the money I was talking about. So, anyway, now she's not going to use the money to take the class. They're going to use it to get a better place to live... while she's still working part time in a bakery dept and he's out of work.  They could lose it just like the last one.  But the class is an investment in herself and their future. I've even offered to let them move into Rhiannon's room here if they need to.  She won't be here too much longer and we could put her bed in the other bedroom with the other girls.  it would be tight, but we could do it.  But I couldn't talk to Corina anymore after I heard she was going to spend the money on other stuff.  She was even upset that I wasn't going to pay for the class.  I told her I'd make it happen... I AM THE ONE who called and got the money rolling.  It would still be sitting in the trust if I hadn't called. Anyway, this is just making me upset again typing abut it, but yeah that happened.

Tonight, I made sausage and veggie soup for dinner, with leftover potato salad on the side. Very comforting and filling actually.  Last night was cabbage rolls and potato salad.  Both pretty long prep times, but I had people here to help. I don't like doing it all myself, but with people helping, it can be fun.  My husband is the one who finally made the stuffed peppers, though he didn't make as many as I'd wanted made.  I bought 16 cause they'll fit in the big roaster pan and it basically makes 2 meals, 8 and 8.  So I could freeze 8 of them, or just keep them in the fridge for lunches etc. Instead he just did 9, so no leftovers really, except for a couple he and Rhiannon had the next day. Still, at least I didn't have to make them.  At least tomorrow night is roast, so all I have to do is put the roast in the crockpot (I think it'll fit >_>  ) and then make some mashed potatoes (I don't even peel them anymore) and heat up a couple cans of greens.   I used to love to cook, but I don't much anymore.  I wonder if when it's just the two of us after the kids are gone, will we just eat out every night or have a freezer full of lean cuisines... I can see it happening.