In the Spring Cleaning Mood!

Two friends of mine, well co workers and friends, are spring cleaning their houses and landscaping their yards.  In fact they are the ones who inspired me to clean my bedroom - along with the fact that the bathroom now looked nice, but the bedroom was a pigsty. Then I went on to tackle the master closet, and today I decided the bookshelves next to my desk were must too trashy looking. 

I took everything off all the shelves, wiped them down with a wet cloth, then got to sorting through everything I'd taken off.  It covered the bed, but I did finally make use of the super cute expandable-file-folder things I got at Target for a dollar each.  I've had them for a month or more, and didn't know what to do with them.  So, I assigned one to each kid and one to me and Christopher together.  Then as I came across stuff in the piles of papers that were keepsake sort of things or something that person may want to find later, I stuck it in their expanda-file. The rest, I filed into the folders in the filing cabinet. Larger things like my budget book, control journal, office supplies each got a spot on a shelf. Now it looks much better.  I would love to show a pic, but my phone has been dead all day.

So, anyway, now I'm in the mood to get more cleaning done.  Not just picking up after the kids and hubby, but actual cleaning.  It's also time to switch out the velvet and satin chocolate brown curtains for the light sheer panels in the living room.

Time to take down all the stuff off of shelves and the decorative knick knacks and collectables, wash everything, Pledge all the wood furniture, sweep down all the cobwebs, vacuum the wood-like floors to really get all that dog and cat hair and dust bunnies, mop even into the corners and behind stuff, especially under that monster of a couch. Wash down all the cabinets and appliances, clean out under the sink, move the fridge out and clean under and behind it, same with small appliances, etc. Oh and wipe down the ceiling fan blades, wash the globes on the lights. 

I want to get a new lampshade for the light over the dining table too. Don't want to spend a bunch, might look into a makeover on the existing shade, dunno. Just want to freshen it up some.  The existing shade is covered in flyspecks that won't come off, yuck!

I am now finishing this post as I get off work, and I am certainly in no shape to do those things tomorrow.  My back is very sore, and feels like something's a bit out of place.  Probably from doing that flooring.  It hurt yesterday too, but this is even worse.  Had to take one of my Flexerils, and I am off to bed, hoping it eases up.  Have a great week y'all!