It's gonna rain tomorrow...

... so instead of going to Dollywood, we're going to get some stuff done at home!

Christopher is off work, and instead of going out to Johnson City and spending money we shouldn't spend, I'm making sure we stay home and get some stuff done that needs done.

  • Rehang the main bathroom door. It broke off last weekend when all the teenagers where here rough housing. Just have to screw it back onto the piece that fell out of the hollow core door part. 
  • Finish the vinyl flooring in the master bathroom and the piece in bedroom where I had to cut out the wet carpet.
  • Hang the shelf on the bathroom wall for towels.
  • Apply the crack repair stuff in the tub.
  • Clean out the master bedroom closet completely and reorganize it and only put back what should be kept
  • Make a trip to the thrift store afterwards to drop off the give away stuff.

Later in the evening, we might go see Need for Speed, just the two of us.

I'll sure be glad when all of that is done.  Leaving something undone or almost finished starts to wear on me after a while. 

Oh by the way, today I cleaned my bedroom. I decluttered and vacuumed.  It still needs a good dusting, and my desk area needs to be washed off really well, but I'll get that finished tomorrow. I put the tread mill on the back porch and tied down a black trash bag over the electronic parts.  I was just so sick of it being in the room right in the way and never getting used. We SHOULD use it, but we don't.  After 2 years, I know better.  If we're going to walk, it will be down the road or around the park.  Maybe I'll sell it on Craigslist.


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