Maybe good, maybe bad.

So, last I wrote, we weren't sure what we were going to do about Rhiannon's tuition they were still expecting her to pay out of pocket. Well, I received an email confirming the appointment with the admissions counselor, so I decided to call her and see what we could do in the week before the appt.  I ended up breaking down on the phone when I told her Rhiannon had been crying all day.  I hadn't realized how much this really was weighing on me. To be so close to her dream, yet unattainable simply because we didn't save for her college was like a stab to the heart. Well, the counselor said there were some things they could look at, like a PLUS loan which the parents take out for the 5k+ she'll need for the first year and add enough to it to get books etc.  My heart sank when she said "If you're approved."  Our credit is garbage. But then she said, if we're declined the loan, then that immediately allows them to increase the Stafford student loan by $4k which would just leave around $1200 which we could pay in monthly payments. While I've been trying really hard to get rid of bills, not increase them, it would not bother me at all to have this bill.

So, yeah that's looking much more promising. I think Christopher may talk to his sister about seeing if Rhi's Gerber plan the g-parents took out would be able to be cashed in to help with books. I am so glad they had the forethought to plan for the girls' college when they were still babies. Well, we wanted to, but couldn't afford even the little payments they were back then. 

Zoe stayed home from school today with a rash on her arm that was making her cry... but she's pretty melodramatic and manipulative when she wants to be.  It was definitely covered in hives though, and it was possible it was pretty itchy and painful.  She says she first noticed it during the school play they did for the school yesterday. I've had her wash it over and over and put all sorts of creams and ointments on it.  Finally I gave her a Benadryl and she zonked out. Really hoping it's gone by morning, or at least less.

Christopher's big stress day is here.  The last month or so, he's only had 1 day off a week and no full weekend off.  They got a new district manager who is the spawn of satan apparently, and made his store manager cry and made him think he may not have a job the next day. They even said he wasn't working enough hours as a salaried manager.  He works what's scheduled and stays over now and then to finish a project, but that's not good enough.  They say he works until the store is perfect.  So he worked over 60 hours last week and it was probably more than that the week before. No overtime pay, since he's salary. It's raised his blood pressure too according to the Dr, and he's on TWO blood pressure meds.  So, anyway, today is the store check that all that working long hours was supposed to prepare for.  Basically his job is riding on this.  Some folks think she's just trying to make a harsh first impression and make them afraid of her from the start, so they'll work harder without her having to constantly watch the store (it's not really close to her home store).  Christopher is not too sure.  She may just be that evil. Ironically, they had a district manager they all hated for years because he'd yell and fuss and all that, but he was a teddy bear compared to this harpy.

Today, I actually don't have anything needing me to be some place at a certain time. I am trying to relish this quiet time by blogging and trying to gear up to finish this bathroom. I believe I have everything needed to do it now, so there's nothing left to stop me, except myself.  So, I need to get up from here, finish my cup of chai and go build a bathroom.

Y'all have a great day!