Started on the master closet.

Most of today I vegged out.  I did do some laundry and got the girls to do dishes. Other than that, though, I laid on my bed with the animals and watched HGTV and Travel Channel most of the day.

I knew I needed to get started on the closet, but I imagined it would be a huge job, and I really didn't want to see my bedroom messed up just then. The girls had friends over and were playing games in the living room, so I just hung out in my room. Christopher got home at 3:30 and we went out together to do grocery shopping. (Stuck to my budget!) Got home at 5, but still didn't feel like doing much.  Rhiannon had been away part of the week for Spring Break, so I had her make dinner, hamburger helper, it's easy.  Got Faelyn on more dishes, then I went back to watching TV. After dinner, I checked to see if Christopher wanted to try to have a date night, but he seemed content to hang out with the teenagers and watch TV.  So, I tackled the closet at 7:00 at night.

I wish I'd thought to take photos along the way. This post would be much more entertaining if I had.

I started small, just pulling out a few things at a time, throwing away trash, piling shoes in one pile, hangers in another, luggage stuff in another etc. I reorganized the Fall decorations which were scattered in different boxes and got them all into one labeled box. I took the larger tub they had been in and labeled it for Easter stuff, since I had a ton of that stuff. 

It's sort of decorating the house now. The teenagers are constantly taking over the dining table with laptops for Minecraft or a battlemat for D&D that I never actually get to see it with the Easter placemats and basket on it. The sideboard should have stuff on it too, but the friends who visit tend to just put their stuff on the sideboard, so that's not quite happened either. So, there's sort of a stack of decorating stuff waiting for the kids to go back to school.

So, back to the closet. If I ever buy hangers again, someone slap me. The rack over the washer is packed full, there's a bunch on the laundry sorter bar, and I filled a box and a reuseable grocery tote bag FULL of hangers. It's crazy. I sorted through the shoes, and threw out old or mismatches ones like Old Navy flip flops.  Does your house have as many of those things as we do?  Actually these were KMart ones, but all they had left when we got them were black, so everyone got black.. but they're not all the same size, so I found 2 rights and a left and none of them were the same size. So, out they go! I cleared out several containers that had just accumulated junk or stuff that should go elsewhere, so I used one for Christopher's summer shoes and one for mine. He has like 3 times as many shoes as I do, and they're like all name brand.  Even his water shoes are Nikes.  How?  I don't even remember buying them.  Thankfully since they're good quality, they last forever.  He has Tommy Hilfiger flip flops that have got to be 10 years old, and still look new. He did wear out a pair of Crocs though.  Anyone else's husband love Crocs?  I never got him a new pair.  Instead I got him a nice pair of river sandals which will be better for Dollywood anyway.

So, with shoes organized, and seasonal stuff mostly all done (there's still some stuff on the top shelf I need to consolidate), I sorted through my clothes. I brought the summer stuff from the back corner to the main closet rod, and moved back the sweaters and sweat shirts. I apparently have a ton of tank tops. They make the closet very colorful! I moved all the luggage back into the closet and stored it where I could easily access it and see it all. Then after bagging up the giveaway stuff, all that was really left (besides the top shelf)  is Christopher's clothes.  He's got at least twice as many clothes as I do. Unfortunately, he can't fit into a lot of it since he's gained so much weight.  Also, a lot of it's old, and he's just hung onto it for sentimental reasons or something. He did agree though that he needs to get in there and just get rid of a bunch of stuff. He didn't feel like it tonight though.  Maybe tomorrow after work.

He did rehang a shelf for me over the deep freezer in the laundry room though.  The screws had come out of the drywall, so I showed him the drywall anchors I'd bought for the bead board project in the main bathroom, and he loved them.  He raved about them LOL!Like, "Why haven't we been using these all along?!"  Good question Honey!  haha

Tomorrow, hopefully I'll get the master closet all done, and make a bigger dent in the laundry mountain. I keep remembering that one time I had everything done at once. I can do it again!