Still To Do on the Bathroom

Are you sick of reading about this little bathroom?  I am sick of it being a wreck!

I made a list in order of things that need to be done:

Paint the old shelf I want to use for towels, white and let dry.

Set up the sawhorses.

Cut the plywood

Measure and mark where to put the holes for sewer and water also where the joists are.

Measure and cut the wood for extra supports between joists

Put insulation in the hole

Install the joist braces

Lay plastic sheeting over all of it, tape around the water pipe.

Drill the holes in the plywood

Install the new subfloor

Dry test that the flange will still fit in the sewer pipe with the new floor installed.

Put down the vinyl planks in the whole corner and toilet area at least. 

Use the purple primer and glue and install the toilet flange with bolt slots in right spot.

Take the old toilet out of the tub and haul it out back behind the house for now.   - Had Christopher do this for me Thursday night.

Get the water connector hose off the old toilet.

Get new toilet out of box, install the bolts into flange and install the toilet.  Check for leaks in the old hose.  If any leak, go get a new hose. 

Turn off the water to the house.

Unhook the water  and drain connections from the sink. Use the razor and cut off the old caulk and remove the old sink from the vanity.

Install the new faucet on the new sink.

Install the new sink into the vanity and attach the water connections.

Caulk the new sink well and clean up any mess. 

Turn on water and check for leaks. 

Put down rest of flooring tiles.  May have to go buy more. 

Clean out the tub well. Fill with hot water and bleach and let it soak.

Install new shelf for towels on the wall over the toilet.

Then it's just a matter of finishing the cleaning of the tub, putting all the stuff like toothpaste and stuff back and then rejoice in the new bathroom! 

It may look like a lot, but dividing it into smaller steps makes it a lot easier for my brain to manage so I don't get overwhelmed. Now I can just mark off things as I do them and see how I've gotten stuff accomplished.

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