I am ripping the damn toilet out of the floor tomorrow! 

I took a bath tonight in my tub.  It's the one thing that I do for myself that's just for me, and relaxing.  I have tons of bath stuff, and I set up my laptop on a table so I can watch TV, streaming.  Tonight I watched Supernatural. I didn't wash my hair in the tub, and stood up to wash it quickly with the shower head while the tub drained... and then I noticed.

The bathroom floor was flooded. Like an inch deep at least, and it was POURING into the heating vent in the floor.  The water was gushing out from UNDER the toilet!

I am f'ing sick of this!  When we first redid this bathroom, because the toilet that was here had a leak, I told my husband to make sure it was all done properly... we'd lived in the old house for years with holes in the floor and the toilet barely attached to anything more than the pipe (seriously I should have gotten a clue YEARS ago)...  I REFUSED to live like that again. 

Well, guess what?  This bathroom is worse.

When he installed the toilet 4-5 years ago,  he said one of the bolts was broken, but didn't fix it.  So it's not been fully secured all this time.  Plus the tub had a crack in it, and I am positive it's been leaking but he swears it's not.  WHY do I continue to do this to myself?  Why do I keep hoping and dreaming that this man will do something a man ought to do?  Like take care of his home and family for instance? 

I know just me writing this is undermining my role.  I am supposed to lift him up and show him respect.  Well, dammit, he needs to earn it.  Yes he's got a good job and works hard, but for God's sake... is it so damn hard to read some DIY books and watch some You Tube videos and contact old friends who are plumbers and get the damn thing fixed??//????!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!

I AM JUST DONE.. Tomorrow after I get up... like I can actually sleep being this pissed off.. I am going to shut off the water and tear out the damn toilet.  Then I can use the stupid auger directly down the sewer pipe and hopefully find the clog that's been making everything back up.  And if I don't? well, then I guess we're screwed. But the current situation is simply no longer acceptable. 

The floor under the toilet (and probably the tub) is rotten. I'm afraid the joists are in bad shape.  I'll need to brace those with 2x4s at least if even possible, then put down all new plywood subfloor, then new underlayment plywood on that.  It's NOT a job I want to do alone... but he's already told me in no uncertain terms that he will not work on it.  He can't afford a plumber and contractor, but he refuses to do it himself. WTF?  So, we just let the house fall down around our ears?  Apparently. 

I can't let my completely unfounded hopes that he'll man up prevent me from actually getting this house back into liveable shape.

I don't know what to do. I was sobbing when all that water was poring out of the floor and down the heating vent.  I feel let down and betrayed.  A husband is supposed to take care of the wife, provide and also protect.  Fix things.

I just can't take it anymore.