Very constructive Friday

This was the list of things I wanted to get done today:

  • Rehang the main bathroom door. It broke off last weekend when all the teenagers where here rough housing. Just have to screw it back onto the piece that fell out of the hollow core door part. 
  • Finish the vinyl flooring in the master bathroom and the piece in bedroom where I had to cut out the wet carpet.
  • Hang the shelf on the bathroom wall for towels.
  • Apply the crack repair stuff in the tub.
  • Clean out the master bedroom closet completely and reorganize it and only put back what should be kept
  • Make a trip to the thrift store afterwards to drop off the give away stuff.

We got it all done except tackling the master bedroom closet. I could have, but after everything else, I decided I would just relax the rest of the evening.  I have all weekend to do that closet.

I am so thrilled about the bathroom and the floor!

 Since there was a huge wet patch of the carpet in front of the door that made the room smell musty and gross, I just ripped it out and decided to just expand the vinyl into the bedroom. We still need to put down the metal threshold pieces around 2 sides of it, but I couldn't afford to buy them until tomorrow. That's easy enough.

 I just love how it turned out!  And it sure feels better under the feet than exposed plywood subfloor!

 The shelf is just simple particle board and brackets and some paint.  This is one of the shelves we had put up in Rhiannon's craft corner a year or so ago. It will hold towels.

 The view back into the bedroom.

It's not dirty, those are stains that have been there forever.
Christopher did the patches in the tub. We used the DEVCON Home Fiberglass, Porcelain & Plastic Repair Kit. There had been one good sized crack when we moved in and two more have since appeared. This stuff is supposed to fix them. I'm sure the tub had been leaking somewhat through the larger one all this time, but without removing the tub I can't tell for sure.  The tub never seemed to lose water over time if someone were in a bath, but then it can be hard to tell if it's just a little at a time. Still, I feel better knowing it's been applied. Hopefully it'll stay in place and keep it fixed.

Christopher helped a lot today, and was in a fairly good mood. He would have rather gone to Dollywood, but I know he is proud of everything we got accomplished. While we were at Lowes getting the last pieces of vinyl we needed, I showed him the vanity I want to put in the bathroom to replace the old original one, and he really liked it. Have to pay off a list of bills first, but then I'll get it.  Might be another year, but I can wait.

For now, I am just very happy with how the bathroom turned out.  And with my room clean as well, I don't even mind letting other people use it!  It's been years since I could say that. I shudder just thinking about how gross that bathroom used to be. No more!

Now I'm gonna relax and watch a bunch of TV and chill out.  Have a great weekend!