I defeated the stove top!

Remember what the stove looked like?

Well, I got SOS pads, copper scrubbers, Comet, and a magic Eraser thing, and even used WD40 like I saw on YouTube, oh and a knife.  I wasn't as worried about scratching the stove top as I was about the stove continuing to look so horrible. I'd gotten so used to it, that I didn't even see it anymore,... but once I focused on the burnt-on grime, it's all I could see!

When I googled to see if there was a *right* way to wrap drip pans in foil, I found a video showing how WD40 helps get rid of this sort of thing, so I decided to try it on the hardest part. Even with my husband helping me scrub and scrape, it was wearing us out...

Well it wasn't a miracle cure, but I did notice it was a little easier to scrape off. Finally...

So, then I just wrapped the drip pans which are actually see through in some places, they're so corroded. I always thought it was weird to see stoves with foil on them, but right now it's the best solution.  I'll buy new drip pans when I can afford to spend on the house again. Even then, I may wrap them in foil anyway, just to make cleaning easier.

I still have to scrub down some nooks and crannies and pull it away from the wall and clean out behind it. This would have been a great weekend for it except I agreed to switch for someone this week at work.  So I was off Wednesday night (which was awesome), but I had to work last night.  So now it's my last full day off and I slept til 4pm and I'm dragging. My old body needs 2 days off in a row.

Currently my sink is also super shiny because I used the SOS pads on it.  They are perfect for stainless steel sinks. I'd left the dishwasher with just a few dirty dishes last night, very proud that I had all the laundry and dishes caught up,.. and newly dirtied dishes could go straight into the dishwasher...  so I wake up today at 4 and go out there, and both sides of the sink are full. Sigh.  It's okay, the girls don't know I'm on the ball with the dishes LOL.  They probably figured it was full of clean dishes and didn't want to be the one to put them away. I'm a step ahead!!   Also, Rhiannon made home made cinnamon rolls, so yay! So, yeah I loaded it, and their breakfast and lunch dishes filled it up, so it's running again.

As for laundry.  If I empty everyone's hampers I might have enough for one load, so I'll go do that today. 

As much as I love the idea of the Spring Cleaning list, it just doesn't work in this house or for me afterall.  I can use the list to make sure I didn't forget anything, but there's no way I can do the things in order, or all in one day. I know things need to be cleaned really badly, and they will be, but it might be summertime before I get to them all.

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