Just Maintaining So Far

So, I did not finish the laundry room list yet.  Also, I haven't done much on the kitchen one either. Though the floor did get swept and mopped. Actually I did a pretty deep cleaning of the living room before anything else, oddly enough... but that was because Faelyn was having a houseful of teenagers over to play card and board games all day on Saturday.  This seems to be a weekly thing now. I am happy for her to have so many friends and the ability to get together and have fun outside of school.  Her Dad and I did the same thing in his basement when we were teenagers. Also, Saturday was the prom (early because they want pics in the year book, I think it's too early though). So, Rhiannon had to get her hair done and get into the dress and makeup and all that.  So Saturday was pretty much a no-clean kind of day.  But since I knew all those people would be there, I cleaned the heck out of that living room Friday night. Swept and dust mopped the floors, then mopped really well. Vacuumed the area rug and moved it around trying to find a better place for it (eventually put it back in front of the couch) .  Washed and dried and reattached the dining chair cushions. Washed down the chairs from the dust and dog hair etc. I just wanted it really clean because they like playing Twister, so the floors get really noticed haha.

Then Sunday, we went to Dollywood with Zoe.  The teens spent the day with their boyfriends instead. Whatever. lol  They have all summer to go to Dollywood, and it was nice to take just our youngest and bond a little more with her.

Monday I was so sore and tired from spending the day at Dollywood that I barely got anything done. Today, I've just gotten enough done to get back to where I had been.  I got everyone's laundry, and had them strip their beds and remake them, and I did mine as well. I have the last load of laundry in the washer now. I've kept the laundry room clean and organized, and didn't let anything pile up.  I even washed the bags on the laundry sorter.  They were SHEWWWEE smelly.  I do need to finish that list though.  The vents are looking bad.

The dog has been marking again and the living room needs mopped again.  It's Faelyn's dog, so I had her spot mop it, but it needs another good washing down. I really really dislike that dog.  He's started harassing our 14 yr old cheagle too. Creepy dog. 

The master bedroom has been easy enough to keep clean, though I do need to vacuum again. Having the master closet cleaned out and the clothes organized, makes putting away laundry SO much easier, I don't actually mind that step anymore!

Maintaining the main bathroom isn't too bad.  I just have to keep reminding them to put their clothes IN the hamper, and put their bath stuff back into their bath caddies when done - or else their sisters get to use up their body wash and shampoo!

The kitchen again is the worst room. Thankfully Faelyn did sweep and mop it Saturday morning before her friends came over. We're consistently about 2 loads of dishes behind.  Today, I got Rhiannon to unload it after school, then Zoe reloaded and ran it.  Then Faelyn was supposed to unload it, but her boyfriend called. I don't think she ever did it.  I hate unloading the dishwasher, probably more than folding clothes. But I need to get in there and do another load before I go to bed.
I can't really get the spring cleaning even started until the dishes are caught up because they're in the way. And I need the dishwasher empty so I can put dirty stuff from cleaning out the fridge straight into it. So, yeah it just gets put off over and over.  I just have to roll up my sleeves and get it done.  The fridge is in desperate need of cleaning, and the cabinets are yucky, not to mention the appliances.  Yep, just gotta do it.

Hopefully it'll still be Spring when I get spring cleaning done.