Me vs. My Kitchen

I am almost done with all the dishes!  There's just a few things soaking.

The dishwasher is currently running with a load including the drip pan thingies from the stove eyes.  They need replacing, but that sort of stuff is not in the budget til we get a list of bills paid off. So, I guess I'll wrap them in foil like I've seen on some stoves.  It looks a little weird, but it's a great improvement over what they look like normally. It's hard to believe my stove is supposed to be white.
Can you tell I have never cleaned the top of my stove before?  I feel like a terrible person for having to admit that, but it's true.  I don't even know if that will all come off now.

At least parts of my kitchen are kind of okay.

 Certainly not *CLEAN* , but not terribly cluttered... well okay it *looks* cluttered, but I use all that stuff all the time except maybe the decorative towels (though they do cover bread baskets sometimes) and the flour canister and the 3 cookbooks on the top.  But I like seeing them. The enamel countertop on the hoosier needs a good scrubbing for sure.

Tonight after work, I'll unload the dishwasher and reload it with the soaking stuff (or just hand wash it all), and start tomorrow with a kitchen ready to finally be cleaned. Having it covered in dirty dishes just makes it very difficult.

I need to mow the back yard tomorrow too.  Not sure if I'll get to do the front yard.  The people who lived in front of us moved and took their mobile home with them.  There's still a pile of lumber and stuff left from their back porch, and it's laying in our front yard. I think they'll be back for it in the afternoon.  I never really got to know our neighbors, but their kids played with Zoe sometimes.  Usually they butted heads though. She's not upset they're gone. I am glad I can open my bedroom and living room curtains and not look directly into someone else's window. Having a whole space between us and the next home makes a huge difference. We get so much more natural light into the house now.   I can living with the big bare dirt where the trailer used to be.  No problem.

Still dreading that kitchen though..