Nice Slow Weekend

Saturday and Sunday, my husband worked 10am-10pm both days. Saturday, none of the rest of us had any plans.  The kids played Minecraft all day or drew, painted, surfed Tumblr and Facebook, and just kind of vegged. Me too mainly. I did try to keep up with laundry and dishes so we don't get behind again like we had. I also mowed the whole front yard.  Now that the home in front of us moved out, we have the whole front yard to ourselves, and now everyone driving up the street can see our entire yard and the whole front of our house.  So, anyway yeah I mowed the front yard. By the time I got done, it was too dark to start on the back yard, and I was in the mood for movies.

The girls and I sat down and watched Captain America The First Avenger, Thor, and The Avengers. We've seen the Iron Man movies a ton of times. They still want to see Thor 2, and I would LOVE to see Captain America The Winter Soldier again.  Oh my gosh that was an amazing movie!  I'm a huge Sebastian Stan fan anyway, and he was SO good as Bucky, even though he only had like 2 lines in the whole movie. Can't wait for the next one. 

Looking forward to the next episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. too! 

Then today, the girls had a birthday party to go to, so I had to take Christopher to work, then come home and try to sleep some more, then take them to the party and come home and give up on trying to get more sleep. (How I am still awake now is a mystery to me.) I did very little today.  Zoe layed around and played Minecraft and Pokemon on her DS. I tried to keep up with dishes - I don't want them piling up in the kitchen anymore, and I did 2 loads of laundry.  I also vacuumed the master bedroom again. It is so gross to see how much stuff that vacuum is STILL pulling out of this carpet. I like carpet in the bedroom, but this one is more dirt than carpet I think.  I wish I had the spare cash to just buy new carpet and have it installed in just this one room.

Anyway, I went back and picked up Faelyn and her boyfriend from the party.  Rhiannon was going out with her boyfriend, Joe. Dinner was just chicken tenders, mashed potatoes and beets. Just didn't feel like cooking much.

Tomorrow (Monday) is Family Dinner Night. Christopher's off all day, but has a Dr appt. His mother is coming for dinner and bringing her chocolate lab, Duke again.  She has to go to Nashville to see a Specialist about her liver, so we'll be dog sitting for a while. She's hoping to get on a transplant list, but isn't sure she'll qualify. She lost part of it in a car accident, and then contracted Hep C (they think) while in the hospital after the accident, so it's kind of a time bomb now. So, keep her and the family in your prayers about that, please.

I haven't tackled any more on the kitchen or anything.  I'm just continuing to maintain what I have already done. No point in cleaning something and then just let it go back to how it had been again.  It'll get done, eventually.  Maybe I'll do a few things on the list tomorrow just to be able to check them off.  I never did finish the laundry room/back entry area list. I could do that.

For now, I need sleeeeeep.  Have a great week, Blogland! 

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