Organizing my jewelry.

I was so tired of not being able to find a certain necklace or pair of earring when I wanted to wear them,, or find necklaces hopelessly tangled.  So this past week, I got a wild hair to change all that. 

I had necklaces hanging in my jewelry armoire, in jewelry boxes and hanging on the hook under the shelf behind my desk. Bracelets were all jammed onto another hook and lost in drawers in the armoire. Earrings were all over the place!

I started with the earring dilemma.  As I went through my assorted hiding places I found pairs I didn't even know I had!   So, I went on Pinterest and looked for earrings organization and found some great ideas, and then made my own. I found an old picture frame in my closet I always knew I'd have some reason to keep, and I took some of that no-skid drawer liner stuff which happened to be the exact size needed to fit in the frame.  I tacked it to the back, stretching it a little as I went.  It's not the most secure or sturdy thing (especially since it cracked along the bottom), but so far it's holding them all!

I had plenty of cup hook things from a box of household doodad things with nails, thumbtacks, picture hangers etc. So, I added those to the bottom (thus the crack), and they're great for holding the bracelets.

Then I decided to use nails and other cup hooks to try to hang as many of my necklaces on the wall there next to it as possible. I decided to hang a few together that were the same color scheme, to save space and I got them all on the wall!

Some of these I've never worn and forgotten I'd bought!

The armoire now holds rings in the top, and then a few sundry items in one drawer, like the Campbell Clan cloak pin that Christopher's sister gave to him, some watches I'd like to get new batteries for, seasonal pins, etc.

I know it's dusty.

The next drawer is for hair accessories.  Right now it just has 2 hair bands I got for a dollar at Rue 21, but they always slip off my head.  Is it just me? 

The bottom drawer has a vintage polkadot scarf I love but never do get around to wearing, and a white frilly crochet scarf thingy I wore once. 

I am hoping that by having this stuff where I can see it or remember where it is, I'll start wearing it more.  Even if I know I'll be home all day, I try to remember to at least wear a pair of earrings.

So, there you have it, my new jewelry organization.

I'll be posting again soon with pics of how my recently cleaned areas are looking now.  I'm pleasantly surprised so far!  I just wish I could get motivated to get MORE done. 

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