Playing a little catchup, busy week!

Gosh has it really been 2 weeks since I blogged?  Wow. I knew I kept wanting to write about stuff, but never felt like I had time to sit and write.  I'll talk about what I remember anyway.

Last weekend, on Good Friday, we went to Dollywood and took all 3 girls again. I woke up much earlier than I normally would since I got off work at 3am. But I managed to wake up and we had a great time.  Stayed until they closed at 8pm.  We couldn't talk Zoe into riding any of the big coasters yet, but she swears next time she will.  we'll see. haha.

Saturday before Easter, my husband was working 6am - 5pm, and we had no real plans, so I slept til around 2pm (I *do* work nights so it's not as bad as it sounds LOL)  then Zoe said someone with a weird name Facebook messaged me, but she didn't want to wake me. Turns out it was my niece, Adrienne. She and her husband live in PA, but her message said they were in town sightseeing and wondered if we still lived in this town.  So I messaged her back and said we sure do, and asked if they wanted to stop and visit and gave directions to our house.  None of my family had ever visited my home since we moved, and only once or twice before that at the old place. So after a little picking up and mopping the living room floor (it needed it anyway and I had time), the house was ready for company!  I used to NEVER be able to say that!  And it wasn't just my niece and her husband, Bill.  It was also my sister, Connie, her husband Mike and my nephew David! Wish I'd gotten a pic of us all together. Since there were so many people, I didn't show them the whole house, though I did want my sister to see the kitchen and I am pretty proud of my bedroom/office. But instead, we sat in the living room, (yay for the big couch) and we had a great chat about all sorts of things. My poor sister fell asleep sitting on the couch (she owns a cafe/bakery and works very early hours (opposite of me lol) so she was tuckered haha. But anyway, that was a very nice unexpected visit.

Just a few minutes after they left, my mother in law showed up, then the teenagers all gathered round with their boyfriends and even Corina and Tyler came over to visit around the time Christopher got off work, so we visited with the whole immediate family for a while, had dinner and played games. 

Easter Sunday, my brother who recently lost his wife of 42 years to a car accident held a Son Rise service at the family cemetery. I wanted to go and take the girls, but I couldn't get to sleep Saturday night so by Sunday morning was in no condition to drive. I hate that I missed it, but I can only go so long without sleep. If I hadn't woken up so early on Friday, and if I'd been able to sleep Saturday night, I'd have been okay, but it's hard to sleep at night.  I've been on this shift about 8 years now. Still, it seemed to be a good service from what I heard. I ended up getting up around 2pm and got the roast in the oven. We had all my kids and my MIL again for dinner and games, and then I had to head to work.  We did hide eggs for the girls.  They're 11, 16 and 17 and still love hunting eggs lol.

Zoe's Chorus concert was this week as well.  So her after school rehearsals are done as well.  We've been picking her up from school at 4:15 or 4:30 every Monday and Tuesday for 2 years now.  It'll be weird but very nice to not have to worry about that anymore!  The concert was very nice, and there was certainly some crying going on when they sang a song about Mothers' love and each kid went to the audience to hand out carnations to their mothers. It was so sweet!

Corina turned 22 on the 22nd, and also this week she was promoted at work. She works in the kitchen at the local Sonic, and is now a trainer.  She's making more money, and I think training will be good for her cause she is kinda bossy LOL!  Her husband, Tyler had a job interview at Tractor Supply,  I REALLY hopes he gets on there! It's a great job for him.  He's stocky and not afraid of manual labor and can haul stuff well. Not so great with people, but he can work on that.

Christopher saw his new cardiologist and really loved this new Dr. He decided to take him off one of his blood pressure meds, and we found out 2 of the side effects of it are chronic fatigue and weight gain! That certainly could have been part of his issue! He's gained like 60 lbs since he went on all these meds AFTER his heart attack.  How's he supposed to lose weight for heart health if the meds are making him gain? ... well his eating helped the gain LOL But he's lost around 9 lbs already, and he weighed himself o0n our home scale so we'd know how accurate it was, and I had been adding too much to it!  I weigh a little less than I thought, and I do actually see clothes fitting better, so I'm happy about that.  The kids say it's all the walking we do at Dollywood, and they may certainly be right. On a Dollywood day, we probably walk a good 5+ miles. So, since we can't go to Dollywood every day (or every week now adays) I have started walking around the trailer park. I used to drive to a walking trail or I'd walk to Sonic or the fairgrounds and back, but really there's nothing wrong with walking around the park.  It's good sized.  The road goes around the middle area that holds 2 rows of about 8 homes each with yards and driveways between them.  I haven't timed it, but it's a good size lap to go all the way around it once.  I've been walking 4 laps a day, but want to up it to maybe 8 or 10 a day if I have time and weather permitting. I know walking works for me, and maybe I'll feel more like doing Power 90 again after I've lost more weight with walking first. 

I think that's about it for the catch up. I'm going to try to post regularly again!