Maintaining my Clean Master Bedroom

This is the room I am most happy with my progress in.

Looking into the master bedroom from the rear entry area.

I spend most of my time in this room. Sleeping. Working. Surfing the web. Watching TV shows after work. Talking to my kids.

I was tired of it feeling like a dump.  I wanted it to feel like a refreshing place to be.  Like Home.

Christopher's desk area. I really need to ash down that desk.  The cats lay there and look at the birds outside.

The first thing I did was get rid of the treadmill. I know we should be using it, but all it was doing was taking up room and causing bad feelings. We piled stuff on it all the time, and it was just too big. Now it's on the back porch with plastic over the electronic parts. Rhiannon still uses it there to run every day.  She says she doesn't want to run where people can see her LOL.

The treadmill used to take up basically this whole area and we could barely get to the closet or the dresser.

So, with the treadmill out, the room felt HUGE again. I got rid of the clutter (well as much as I could, Hubby still won't part with his books and gaming stuff on those shelves.)

My home office, where I work from home Sun-Thu 6:45pm-3:15am as a moderator and in-game support for a game site.

I decorated my office space with the things I love and nostalgic stuff I found in boxes from my old room when I was a teenager.  I will always be a fangirl, til I die.  No point in denying it.  I'm a total geek.

Original Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom poster from 1984. It's much loved and seen better days LOL.

I even put up the tacky Spanish matador tapestry my Spanish teacher gave me when I graduated.  It hung in her classroom. Her husband became our Congressman and she retired.

Nothing in this room matches, and I like it that way.

The tablecloth on my nightstand table is one that my husband's grandmother made and gave us when we were first married. It fits a card table. She made napkins too, but they've been lost over the years.

I keep all my stuff in the basket on my nightstand.  That way it's all in one place and I can move it to the bed with me if we're watching TV or reading or whatever.  There's remotes, magazines, snacks, nail clippers, books I want to read, hand lotion etc.

The view out the front window is greatly improved. That big empty space is where the front neighbors' house used to sit. I never used to open these curtains since they could see right in the window.  now, I open them everyday.  That white stuff there is what the Water Dept people spread over the sewer runoff.  When the people moved out, they didn't cap the sewer or something, and it's been overflowing and STINKS.  I hope this is the end of the issues. 

The view out the back window is even better. It's the shady back corner with the hostas and caladiums, and some decorative stuff. I cant wait til my sweet potato vine trails down the old ladder. At least I hope it will.

My room is no showroom that's for sure, but it's comfortable and clean, and makes me smile.