Still around, so busy!

I have had so many ideas for posts this past week, but most of them involve photos I need to take, but my phone never seems to ever be charged!  We have one charging cord in my bedroom now (used to have 2,) and it seems to be too loose to stay in to charge a phone, so it takes all night to get my husband's phone to charge, so mine just stays dead.  Today I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a new charging cord for just me. If I see anyone else touch it, I will bite them LOL!

I mentioned earlier I wanted to do a post on my master bedroom and how I've kept it straightened up.  Even Corina says "It's so clean" everytime she comes over LOL.  I keep that in the back of my mind as I see things start to pile up on my night stand or my desk. I feel bad actually that I've not even had a chance to change the sheets or vacuum in here this week yet! I hope tomorrow is a day I don't have to go anywhere! I have to get caught back up on stuff.

The kitchen and living room were basically destroyed over the last few days. I've told the girls and my husband over and over that they are the ones that spend time in there, they need to pick up after themselves and keep it clean. I don't mind mopping it, but I really hate having to take 6 plates and 8 cups that are on every flat surface in the living room, to the kitchen.

Outside, I've been keeping the yard mowed.  I decided not to even ask my husband to mow it this year. I will just take the task on myself. My Mom did it all herself, and my dad never did any outdoor work.  I never liked that, but I married someone just like my dad (with different obsessions though thankfully), so I need to just face it and get on with it. I actually like mowing LOL!

I planted 4 tomato plants and a couple of bell pepper plants.  Faelyn planted seeds for spinach and lettuce.  So hopefully we'll have a nice salad garden this summer. I also moved my hosta that the dogs could reach on their leads and had trampled. I hope it makes a come back. I got a sweet potato vine that I hope will trail down the old step ladder by the old fence row in the back corner of the yard in the shade.  I also have two new caladiums planted there for some color.  I have one more planter, an old galvanized bucket, and I think I want petunias in it.  maybe white ones with purple trim. Those are pretty and won't blend in too much with the shady spots.

I talked to my neighbor/friend, Laura, about how she got the stuff for her bathroom remodel hauled off.  She said I can just call the Public Works dept and they'll come pick it up the following Monday.  So, I hope to get that all hauled out to the curb some weekend soon.  Not this weekend.  I don't want that out there for Mothers Day weekend.

We're not really doing anything for Mothers Day.  We used to always go to my Mom's, but she's been gone a few years now, and we just never started a new tradition. To be honest, I have to work anyway, and Christopher usually has to work it, since he's the softlines manager at work, and Mothers Day is one of his biggest holidays at the store. I'll probably tell the girls what to do for dinner, and have them take care of the cooking that day. I told Christopher, that I didn't need a gift, since I bought myself those new plants. I did take a couple photos of a nice big mug I could use for chai, and a nice pretty tablecloth I could put on the dining table for the spring/summer.  Both are about $5 each, so if he feels the need, he can get one of those hehe.

Okay, I've got to go get laundry done and check on the house before my lunch break is over.  My phone is charging!  Tomorrow should be photos!