A bit delayed - moving my daughter into her college dorm

Our daughter Rhiannon is a freshman at college this Fall. She's attending Maryville College, and is doing well so far.  She's majoring in Teaching English as a Second Language and minoring in Japanese.  She's already considering changing her major to Writing and Communications.  She has to see if she actually *likes* to teach or not.  She's somewhat of an introvert, so anything is going to be a struggle for her.  I just hope she finds something she's passionate about.

We moved her into her dorm back in August, and am just now getting the pics posted.  I didn't get any pics of the moving process.  We were so busy and there were so many people.  The college only allowed moving in from 2-4pm on that one day. It was insane!  But we finally got her stuff unloaded, lugged up 3 flights of stairs after crossing a whole parking lot every time and then unpacked and put away. Whew! I'm going to start sweating again just thinking about it!  It was in the 90s that week!

I've visited her dorm since then.  It is NOT this neat now lol!   She's got my old office mini-fridge and the kettle I got for my kitchen (I still have one in my office). A friend of ours got her the microwave. And she took our big coffee pot. I don't drink much coffee and have a percolator I prefer anyway. We got the help of some passing college guys to loft her bed.  Then she decided she's afraid of falling off the bed at night. She can't get it to unloft now though. (It was really hard to budge to start with). Besides she's go so much space with it lofted. I'll have to see if we can rig up some sort of rail to make her feel safer. Anyone else out there with a college kid with this problem?

So glad they fed the families after move-in hours. We were worn out and famished by then. It felt weird leaving her behind, and the house was so so quiet for a while. 

We've come to appreciate the new normal though.  The house is quieter, and I get less interruptions at work, but I do miss her sudden bursts into my room to tell me the latest news or whatever's on her mind. I am so thankful she likes talking to me.  We had our moments over the years.  She was definitely the hardest one of the four, but it was all worth it!

She's coming home to visit for a long weekend in October. Can't wait!

Our new college girl.