Our trip back home from Florida.

While this trip was a little stressful in that we had to come to terms with Christopher's grandfather being gone, but we also saw his grandmother who is in the dementia ward in the nursing home.  She didn't know any of us as who we really are, but definitely recognized Christopher as someone.  She wanted to say he was her little brother, but knew that wasn't quite right.  So, I felt good to know he was still in her memory somewhere. It's just so sad to see her like this.  She was such an intelligent woman.

So, after going through all of that, and the emotional job of packing up things and the physical demands of packing and loading, we decided to make the trip back home as much of a vacation as we could.  It's a 10 hour drive straight through, so we knew we'd get back late.  I do wish we'd made an earlier start, but we sort of lollygagged a bit and had breakfast first. Finally we were on the road. 

We'd be on I95 and I26 for most of the trip, but I love taking the coastal highway as much as I can.

 I love the bridge on this road in Brunswick, GA..

And the view from it!

Some were a little blurry, since we were moving, but not too bad.

First stop was our favorite restaurant in Darien, GA.  B&J's Steaks and Seafood.

Best shrimp anywhere.  All wild caught Georgia shrimp, and they're HUGE! The fish is amazing too actually. 

The shrimp boats in Darien just a few yards from the restaurant. 

Then we were on our way again.

A plantation we stopped at for a moment, outside of Brunswick (near Darien)

 I am in love with spanish moss on these old trees.

Then we headed up 95 again then cut over to Beaufort, SC. I've seen photos of the place and knew it was beautiful, but I wanted to see it.  Unfortunately, by then it was getting dark, so we saw what we could.

Just beautiful!  I could really get used to seeing this sort of thing every day!  Maybe someday.

Hope you're having a good week!  Be back soon to show some of the lovely things we got from his grandparents.

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