Some bad news. A little distracted.

I was in the middle of making a post about my planner, and just needed to get the photos and all that, but life has totally siderailed me.. well all of us.

My husband came home in the middle of the day Tuesday and told me he lost his job.

The new district manager had been riding his rear end for months. It seriously seemed like a personal vendetta for some reason. Imagine Professor Delores Umbridge from Harry Potter. Well, she finally got her way and got rid of him.  He's gotten glowing evaluations before she arrived, and his last store manager even recommended him to be promoted to a store manager and get his own store.

So, here we are. He has one normal paycheck coming, and then maybe a third or half of one left after that. I'm the one with the insurance, so at least we still have that, but my checks are pretty small in comparison to what his used to be since they take out so much for the insurance each month.  But Thank God we still have it. The only life insurance we could get on him was through work.  They carried one on him of his yearly salary amount, and then we opted to buy two more years worth.  So, we didn't have to worry about what would happen to us if the unthinkable happened to him.... and now we don't have that. His health history makes it almost impossible to find life insurance.  I can't even carry any on him through my work, and they're pretty lenient. The life insurance we had one the girls was also through his work.  It would just cover expenses in the case of more unthinkable happening, but that's gone too. Fortunately, in January my benefits renew and I can choose to carry more insurance, but that'll make my checks even smaller.

He's already doing whatever he needs to do to try to make it better.  Not sure he can get Unemployment benefits, but he's applied.  He's looking at available management jobs, and there's a couple, but there's a long commute. He's also appealed the decision at work.  Not sure anything will come of it, but at least he appealed.

So, I've been working on number crunching and seeing how far we can make it on just my income.  It's not far.

If you feel so inclined, some prayers about this will be greatly appreciated.

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