Crossing fingers and knocking on wood

Y'all I am so excited and anxious and nervous and happy and all of them rolled together! 

My husband was emailed to fill out a 2 hour long questionnaire thing for one of the jobs he applied for.  Then a day or two later, he received a call in the evening. It was to come in for an interview with one of the largest privately owned companies in the country.  They need a manager for one of their travel centers, and I guess his experience looked good on paper and he did well on the test. 

The interview was this morning, and I drove him to it since it was an hour away and was close to our daughter's college (well closer than we are now anyway heh).  He was in there for half an hour, and then came out feeling positive.  He's supposed to hear from them soon about meeting with a training guy and going through several tasks they have to do, to make sure Hubby really can do the job and really *wants* to do the job.  He stressed it was hard work, and he'll stay busy constantly, but Hubby is used to that from his other job, and he's up for the challenge.  The company has FANTASTIC benefits, and I am so excited. 

Prayers that this is where he needs to be and that it all goes well, so we can stop this waiting period in life and move on with living it!