Menu Plan for the Week of Thanksgiving.

This is a pretty big week for us.  We've invited 11 people plus us 4, so we could have 15 people here.  I know we won't have that many, as one of them is in the hospital, and 2 other invited may just stay there with him.  Three others I've not head back from, but we're pretty solid on 9 people here at least for Thanksgiving dinner.  

In addition to that dinner, we'll also be going to get Rhiannon from College on Tuesday, and we want to cook some of our favorite 17-Day Diet meals for her while she's home.  Last time she was home, we just got take out a lot, so she never really got a good home cooked meal as we were too busy (and we ate poorly then).

So, here's the plan I have listed in my planner for the next week:

Monday, November 24:
Oven Baked Chicken Fajitas
maybe brown rice

Tuesday, November 25 (Rhiannon home):
Sesame Tilapia (Sesame fish recipe in the 17-Day diet book)
Steamed veggies

Wednesday, November 26:
17-Day Diet Chili (with beans for Cycle 2)
potato wedges or mashed potatoes
green beans

Thursday, Thanksgiving: (This is so not 17-day diet friendly, but we'll be okay)
Turkey (got a 22.5 lb one)
ham in the crock pot
Mom's dressing (secret family recipe, but I can tell you, it takes a whole chicken)
crock pot stuffing (thank goodness I have 2 crock pots now)
green beans casserole
canned green beans (some of my kids don't like green bean casserole)
mashed potatoes
baked sweet potatoes with butter (we don't do anything fancy to them, prefer them natural... with butter)
Hawaiian rolls (I don't want to deal with baking rolls and keeping them warm)
Broccoli and cheese (somehow this became a tradition)
Cranberry sauce - jellied and whole
Pig Eaten Cake (a family recipe)
chocolate pies
pumpkin pie and cool whip

Friday, November 28:
Turkey Primavera over spaghetti squash (used the veggie primavera recipe in the 17-Day Diet book)
Steamed veggies

Saturday, November 29:
Greek marinated chicken
brown rice
steamed veggies

Sunday, November 30:
Oven baked chicken fajitas (again since Rhi will be home) - This might change to Chicken parmesan though - not sure.  And if we have a lot of turkey left, it might be turkey parmesan)

Lunches and snacks over the weekend will be leftovers of course. I just hope I can stick to eating smart.  I lost 3 lbs this past week, and do not want to see them come back.

The house is in pretty decent shape.  We just moved around some bookshelves and decluttered a bunch, so it already looks better.  So, while I don't have to stress about that so much, I am kind of frustrated I never seem to find time to write the posts I want to write or make the videos I want to film.  But I'll get it all figured out.  It's just kind of weird because I'm never alone here anymore.  There's always someone home now. We're working on that though heh.

If I don't get a chance to post again before Thursday, y'all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!